I think I'm alone now


A ship drifts in space, away from planets or any sign of life. Among the ship stands a single woman, leaning on the window looking out into the galaxy.

“You really got yourself into this one Althea…”

She says to herself, seeming dejected.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not every day that you see the pacifist Althea steal a shi-”

A blaster flies across the room to silence whoever was talking, however, she was there alone looking back into the ship.

“Oh was that aimed at me? Oh my dear Althea, you’re still trying to keep me out? How did that go for you last time? Hmm?”

Althea turned back to the window soon hearing the voices taunts. Staring into her reflection a head appears from behind hear. It was a woman’s, blue, with two Lekki hanging down around the neck. Once Althea made eye contact the face spoke again.

“Is this what you become without me? Some drifter who can’t open up about anything?”

“Orbiting… Technically it’s called orbiting Seela… but you never listened well.”

“And she talks after all! With insults! That’s not very Jedi like is it now?”

“I lost that right when I followed you… sacrificed all that, for you and then you just…”

“Do what I was ordered to? Please, I did what everyone else did in the war. You were the only one to disobay orders.”

“I… we werent ordered to kill prisoners Seela… But you killed so many…”

“I helped win the war! What did you think the mandalorians would just take this defeat and disappear?! No! They’re a threat that needs to be delt with in full, so no one can experience their onslaught.”

“Don’t give me your bullshit Seela. You won ok, you left me, so why are you back? What is it that you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything Althea. Or maybe I do? I wonder something though. How sure are you that you’re talking to me? I mean this is what you wanted right? To get away from everyone to make sure they’re not hurt. But what if I am not real, my little flower? What does that mean for all those actions you just did?”

There was silence after that, Seela’vidas face no longer visible in the reflection. There Althea stood, angry, searching and screaming.


Althea sits over a Navi computer, plotting a course quietly. Someone leans their back onto Altheas before speaking.

“So am I real dear? Or have you still not decided?”

“Shut up Seela, I don’t have the patience to deal wi-”

“With little old me? Please you, no we have all the time in the universe. You after all won’t stop running.”

“I’m not running… I’m protecting them…”

“Oh from what Althea? Yourself?”

“No… from you…”

“Oh that’s adorable! You think I care about anyone else but you there. Or that I would even bother to go to you Althea.”

“… What…? No why else would you reopen this… Thing between us!?”

“Oh my dear Althea. It never closed, you just deafened yourself to it, and now that your finally listening again, I don’t have to go to you, or send others after you. No I just need to sit here and wait for you to come to me.”

“Why would I even want to after what you did!?”

“Because you not only let me, but helped me. You’re just as like me, only you fight it still, instead of embracing it.”

“No… I am nothing like you! You’re wrong!”

“If I am so wrong why do you keep breaking your precious values over me? Hmmmm? Maybe you should think on it more. I will see you soon enough, you will come to me.”

As Althea was about to mouth her passionate answer the feeling of someone on her back is gone, leaving her once again alone, in space.

“Damn it… What have I done…”