The days had flown by as he spent most of it either passed out or shouting in agony, all he remembered was a shadowy figure suddenly appearing on the ship he had just bought and did some improvements on. The cloaked figure drawing a red lightsaber on him and attacking and in a desperate bid to escape he separated a section of his ship from the main vessel. The section housed life support and other crucial components so he was able to survive no problem if he had food and water…which he did but only enough for a few days for a single person. Ill prepare to test his idea so soon the figure had managed to slip into the separated section with him and continued to assault him, beating him until he couldn’t move and when he woke up he was in a small cell, chained up and his belongings nowhere to be seen. However soon the cell opened and a large needle in an elderly mans hand as he suddenly stabbed it into Andro’s neck despite his struggle and draw a sample of his blood. The elderly voice soon hit his ears “I’ve been watching you for some time mister Dra’kkon, you’re latent…force abilities are impressive but…that’s not what I need you for…” the blood in needle was put another vial filled with a strange liquid and mixed for a moment. Andro watched as the vial was injected into the man and he started to change shape before stepping into the light and revealing himself as a perfect copy of andro. He couldn’t talk considering the mask over his mouth and he struggled to break free.

The man punched Andro and smirks “Your employer has a habbit of getting involved in matters of the planet…there’s something I want and I think taking your place will lead me to it…don’t worry…I’ll kill her swiftly when I get it, so you don’t need to worry about your friends dying in agony…you however, are likely going to go out screaming”. It was nearly a week that Andro had been struggling to break free, as he did so his muffled shouts were heard by no one. The man kept coming back as his serum seemed to wear off and simply took more blood taking some time to gloat to the bound man, Andro’s mind being shattered already wasn’t really going to recover from this if he ever got out. The man often took his frustrations out on Andro to often saying “Does no one have a semblance of intelligence on this planet!?” or “When will it appear!?” the man beaten and bloody kept trying to look to the force for answers…for flaws in the chains that kept him bound and on his knees but they were expertly made and he wasn’t feeling as if he would ever see the sun again.

Eventually the dead started to rise from the earth and the man smirked and looked to Andro and laughed like a maniac “It’s here! It’s finally awake! I’m going to take it and become almighty, I will be immortal and death will never be an escape for my servants ever again!”. The man rushed out injecting the serum into himself and changing shape as he walked out the door. Andro’s psyche either pulled itself together long enough to focus or his raw emotions just felt like focus as he started to shout into the mask, his grip on the force tightening on objects around the small building he had been kept in, which he now just called ‘the closet’ vials lifted, loose pieces of debris started to shake as he flailed around feeling his friends were in danger and he had been cooped up in here. He gripped the chains and lightning started to course into them, his anger and panic rising as he tried to get free, he saw red and suddenly just slumped as he had exhausted himself.

He had been passed out for a solid few hours when the man came back, the uniform scorched and bitterness in his eyes. “I COULD HAVE HAD IT BUT NO! IDIOT CYBORG GOT IN MY WAY” he looked around the room outside the cell and came back in with a metal rod and proceeded to beat Andro with it. If there was ever a glimpse at the dark no one would wish to look into, it was the abyss of a shattered mans anger. He started to shake not in fear, not in pain, but sheer, pure and immense rage. The force seemed to give Andro a single blessing today, in the form of a sudden burst of energy, lighting being his go to method for offensive measures wasn’t even thought of, instead at the walls the chains started to grow hot Andro was using his knowledge on lightning to instead create it’s base component, heat. The chains started to melt and several links on each of them started to become molten metal, freeing him, the mans serum had worn off in his assault and he noticed that Andro’s arms had dropped, he never bothered to bind the mans feet.

The old man had started to cower and step back as the young man that was only a few inches taller than him advanced towards him pulling off the mask that had covered his face and prevented him from speaking, the chains dragging behind him, the man reached for one of Andros sabers that he had been using only for a chain to hit his arm and knock it from his hand. He reached for another, same result, the man was staring at him knowing he was defeated, frozen and resulting to begging, dropping to his knees. “Please, I’m just an old man, I’m scared of death, I don’t want to die, do you know how scary it is to know you’ll eventually wither, turn to dust and be forgotten!? I have to make my mark on history…don’t kill me, I can teach you so much! I-I’ll give you anythi-” he was cut off by Andro picking the man up by his shoulders, he thought he was going to be spared only for his prisoner to press his right index and middle finger directly below the area of his rib cage before turning the left side of his body towards the man before whispering to him.

“Threatened friends…friends are family…kill for family” his right hand suddenly formed a fist, and his right side jerked forward as a heavily focused force fueled punch had pierced straight through the uniform and straight into the elderly mans body. There was an audible crack of bones suggesting damage to the mans spine or the bottom of his ribs. The man drew upon the force in panic and forced Andro into the cells bars before coughing up blood and collecting what he could which was primarily his research notes and fleeing. Andro waited a moment before standing and started to collect his belongings, he slowly walked out and found that…he was suddenly a couple of thousand credits richer now, well the old man must have tried to maintain cover by paying Andros debts but now he was on the run and who knows who else he’d impersonate to get what he wanted. Andro groaned in habit and spoke to himself “Hungry…” Andro found himself deep in the Mountains and made his way back to the colony and forgetting to report the incident to Lanari simply because…he really was hungry and a man that had been reduce to simple thoughts wasn’t really going to care about anything else.

A few days later the old man had seemed to had gotten whatever damage Andro had done to him fixed and was walking down an alleyway acting like a beggar and one of the Duskhaven thugs went to beat him and take what little credits he had manage to make only to be lunged on and a needle piercing the mans neck drawing blood for him to steal someone elses life, he growled at the thug “Damned Boy…I’m going to tear his entire life apart…and then I’ll become immortal…and your image is going to help me get that”. The thug wanted to scream but fear had frozen him and the man was clear to do as he pleased once more.