Issue with reading Bounties


As seen here, you cannot possibly read what your supposed to collect, perhaps write it into the listing so if you forget exactly what your supposed to gather, you can look it up.


All outlaws are named “Outlaws” thus hunting looters among them now becomes an issue.

Needs some sort of a word/font wrap.

Either that or the quests named need to be abbreviated?
HGT, EGT, WGT, AGT, etc?

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its very confusing honestly, if you click into the tab, maybe put the exact job in where the “retrieve the requested item and return to the hunters guild” is…will be much better.

TBH not sure how this system pulls quests, if that would be possible I agree that would be nicer, but it would also require going and changing all the quests for the guilds, and there are quite of a few of them.

It is possible, seen it done on servers that dont use haks or syncs so it is possible, not sure personally how its done but I know it is, but as it stands when your trying to do a quest, having to run back to the guild to find out what the heck your quest is…is very annoying.

Journal file is here. Someone could ctrl + F to quickly replace text. I don’t recommend using the toolset because the editor there is way too slow.