Korben Verix


In the year 4002 BBY, shortly before Exar Kun’s Great Sith War, in the last decade of the Mandalorian Crusades, a great battle was waged on Kuar. Mandalore led his army into the Deep Core and conquered the world, nearly wiping out the native Kuarians entirely.

The Kuarians had constructed vast underground cities and temples which the Mandalorians reused for their own purposes. 6 years later, Mandalore the Indomitable was defeated by the Fallen Jedi Ulic Qel’Droma in single combat. Mandalore was forced to swear an oath of loyalty to Qel’Droma which led to the Mandalorian forces abandoning Kuar to join Qel’Droma’s campaign, leaving the abandoned ruins open to scavengers.

In the following years, two hermits, both scavengers, met on the near vacant planet. Both being slightly unstable of mind, they found it easy to ignore each others tics. Eventually, in the year 3987 BBY, their child was born. Together they raised him in their own little solitude, scavenging and selling parts and components to whomever would land. Gradually, even as their sanity diminished further, their tics became his. The boy, having no other basis of comparison was unknowingly raised weird.

Over the years, the family became more and more obsessed on scavenging and rebuilding a Basilisk droid. As they scavenged they would find parts and reverse engineer them, lured by the machines awesome capabilities and undoubted value. This however was left unfinished as time went on. Fewer and fewer ships would land for pickups. Food, supplies and general trade became harder to come by. Fortunately for our hero, the boy of 10 named Korben Verix, the final pickup came with news that another Mandalorian conquest had broken out in the outer rim. This posed new opportunities for survival, knowing full well the value left in the wake of a Mandalorian war path.

Weeks later the Verix family set out in their ship for the galactic North East in search of a new home and new salvage. They hopped from planet to planet hoping to settle but this war proved to be less hospitable than the last. They became accustomed to being armed at all times and often having to fight for their salvage. It was this that led to the untimely deaths of Korben’s parents, a freak accident during an innocent game of “I bet you can’t shoot this ball off my head from 10 metres away”. That ball was a thermal detonator… and it turns out, she could…

Korben, now 15 was orphaned but kept the scavenging tradition alive, along with the family tics and qwerks. He continued to planet hop with his only friend, the blaster that served as one-half of his parents’ suicide weapon, until he heard rumours that a new colony had opened on a planet known as Viscara. He endeavoured to be among the first there, dreaming of the possibilities he may find on this new world. His ship however had other plans.

Along the way to Viscara he found himself adrift in space. It is yet unknown how long he was marooned for but eventually, a passenger ship headed to the colony picked him up on their way. Leaving his ship behind he accepted passage, finally arriving on the surface of Viscara in the year 3959 BBY.


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