Lanari - Do No Harm


Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson
Skin: Blue
Build: Slim

Lanari was born into a middling noble family on the Chiss home world, deep within the borders of the Chiss ascendancy. She was raised in privelige with the finest available from all the worlds of the Ascendancy; Clothing, food, tutors and so on. Like most Chiss, Lanari developed quickly, being counted fully grown at ten years of age and well into her adulthood now, at 22. Her serious demeanour and the mannerisms held over from her upbringing and medical training often make her appear cold, arrogant and aloof.

Lanari courted contoversy during the Mandalorian war by treating members of both sides, garnering ire from many directions, considered a traitor by many.

While Lanari is an extremely talented and driven medical practitioner, her soft heart and lack of sustained interest in politics, finance, or any other duties of the noble classes have resulted in her father cutting her loose of her family and sending her out into the galaxy to survive by her own merits. Perhaps he hoped she would come crawling back after realising that not everyone so embodied the Chiss principles of non-interference, ecological care and cooperation that she holds so dear. Instead, Lanari has doubly committed herself to supporting the colony of Veles, the surrounding area and all its peoples with her medical skill, regardless of their dispositions, politics or financial clout. She has founded Chi-Med, in the hopes of creating something greater than herself, something that can change the lives of all the people of Viscara for the better.


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