Letters to Dad (Walessa's Diary)

Day 3, Month 4, Year 3959

Hey Pops. Hope I got the encryption right, otherwise this will be one strange message to whoever is reading this.

Were you able to safely get to M▮▮▮▮▮▮? I hear it shouldn’t be too different from home, so you should be able to settle in quickly with your skills. I hope you remembered to change your craftsman sigil, if you didn’t join a shop.

You don’t need to worry about me. I’m getting by. Still haven’t gotten the time to fix myself up in these three years, but I do feel like it’s remote enough in my current location that no one will be chasing.

It’s rather peaceful at the moment, but my blood crackles when I lay down at night. I’m wondering if I should try to move onto the next point, or see if I can fortify myself. After all, if even this place is awaiting a battle, I don’t think anywhere will be safe.

Those who I have established trade with so far barely leave an impression. There’s a trandoshan that I enjoy the company of, but we both acknowledge that it is merely an amicable business relation.

I’ve come across a number of Sensitives here, much to my chagrin. They don’t seem shy about it…nor controlled, really. Rumor was that they had mostly died off…Maybe that caused more of them to sprout, like a forest after a wildfire. Though they seem weaker overall for it, not stronger. I don’t quite want to let them know about that aspect of me, since it makes you stand out. That and I’m not showy by nature. There’s always someone better, like you.

Oh. I did get my armorcrafting certificate of mastery. I still don’t have your mastery of aesthetics though. If things remain peaceful, perhaps I can develop it.

Love you Pops.


Day 6, Month 4, Year 3959

Morning Pops. Well, morning when I type this anyways. I’m close to getting a weaponsmithing cert, about 90% there.

A Cathar that I gave some gloves bought some land and built a workshop that he’s letting me organize. It’s a lot cozier than the studio I outfitted as a workshop, since there’s a place for folk to sit and talk. I wish I could add a kitchen, so I could at least offer caf and mei-mei tea to guests, like we used to, but the building is already filled to the brim. We’ll look into building a bigger house, I suppose. My shoulders are wide enough for that.

It’s really strange having so much open land here. That’s the frontier, I guess. I’m not sure if I like it or not. No corners for me to slip behind if I need to, but also hard to be on the bad end of an ambush. It seems that speeders are gaining popularity here, so I’m keeping my wits about.

I might also look into having my legs fixed by someone else I’ve met. I know that you did your best, but neither of us are biologists nor engineers, so you had to just model after your own. I don’t want to risk getting paralyzed if my emotions get strong and getting stuck in another loop. I can’t be human with that limitation.

Anyways, it seems things are looking forward for now. I miss you a lot.


Day 10, Month 4, Year 3959

Staying safe, Pops?

I got my cert! Registered a craftsman sigil, which I call Terraforge, since I’m now qualified to take on apprentices.

V ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ is getting a bit more chancey. The corporation that runs the planet has apparently banned Jedi. I imagine it’s a witch hunt…so I’ll make sure to keep careful. The crafting sigil should help in that aspect.

Speaking of which, I’ve established an early base and warehouse in the mountains that I can use to store materials to craft with, but there’s still a lot of cleaning up to do. I’ve sewn together very powerful tunics, though my weaponsmithing tools are still incomplete. I wish I could show you and get your feedback on how to make them better. I love it when nothing snaps while I’m running the machines. Feels like I’m flying.

Unfortunately, I do have some guilt with that. My tools come from another who is definitely using my profession to further their own dirty ends. I treat her cordially, and she does the same to me…She offered to fix my legs, but I just don’t trust her to do so without crippling me in some other way in the process. A devil’s deal.

Here’s hoping that things are better on your end.


Day 3, Month 5, Year 3959

Sorry about being so long since my last letter, Pops. I’ve submitted a request for nullification of our debts, alongside a payment of 100,000 credits. We should be safe from now on - provided they don’t keep hunting me to find out how I made that much money. I still have plenty on the side too.

I swear it wasn’t anything illicit. I just have had a very good customer. I probably won’t be moving from V ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ ▮ at the moment - I have a few more contracts to milk. But if you’re not busy, I wouldn’t mind you coming by to visit.

Keep your wits about you.