Lewvi Tobja - Historian Jedi


Race: Human
Strength: Average
Speed: High
Mental: high
Force sensitivity: High
Force philosophy:The living force.
Combat styles:

-Shii-cho (the basic style all padawan learn. He fall back on it a lot

-Soresu(his main style, fighting defensively)

-favors diplomacy and force before physical combat and when physical combat occurs he tries to disarm not kill.

Background: Born on the world of Onderon, Lewja was found at a young age to be sensitive to the force and was taken to the Jedi academy on Coruscant for training as all younglings are.

Taken as a padawan by the Jedi Master Jaal-Powl, a Cathar Jedi and a weapon master of the order. Master Powl instructed Lewja in lightsaber combat, and the force setting the boy on a path to a Jedi guardian. He also taught Lewja about life and it’s connection with the force.

But as Powl had taught Lewja of life, he taught him also of death. For when the Mandalorians burned and slaughtered his people, Master Powl was driven to join Revan and other Jedi to take battle to the Mandaloriana and leaving young Lewis without a master to finish his training. As the war raged, Lewja was brought into the guidance of master Aja vashna, an ithorian jedi counselor and historian of the Jedi.

Lewja spent his remaining years during the war learning deeper of the force and the histories and secrets of the Jedi order. At times he wished he could have joined his master, until the day he learned of the Battle of Malachor V. Jedi, mandalorian and republic solider, all crushed by the planets gravity. Including his old master, Jaal-Powl.

The sheer loss of so many Jedi, and others shook Lewja deep and as he learned more of the histories of the order, such as the war with exarr-Kun and the concurrent Mandalorian Crudades, made Lewja question the wisdom and reason for it all.

After that, he forsook violence entirely and combat. He changed his style from Juyo like his master, and choose soresu instead. And took the path of Jedi counsel instead. Believing history and diplomacy was the better path to avoid another tragedy for the order and the galaxy.

Eventually it became time for him to pass his final test. Master Aja, sent the young padawan to Viscara, to construct his lightsaber, mediate and as well to gather and contain any sith artifacts found to keep them from the wrong hands. But what hands could that be? The sith are gone…right?


Personality: Lewja is a quiet sort, not one willing to engage in hot blooded debate or talks. He would prefer an orderly and calm discussion and a diplomatic approach to problems before resorting to violence.

Viscara is Lewja’s first mission and until now he has never actually left the Jedi temple or even coruscant without his master. Now that he is alone he is both afraid and somewhat excited. He knows he will do his master proud.

When combat does occur, Lewja will avoid aggressive attacks, preferring to act on the defense and use the force to overwhelm an opponent. He will never strike to kill if he can, and when he must it is only when absolutely necessary.

As a Jedi he believes the force is in all things and all things are as the force wills. Trust in it and it will never lead you astray.

Deeper inside Lewja is instrospective and a student of history. He knows the history of the Jedi and it is these histories that make him wonder if something is missing. But what it is he can’t say.


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