Litii, A long shot


Two robed figures sat in quiet discussion in a small room. The discussion had been relatively dispassionate for some time before an ounce of frustration crept into one of the voices.

“This matter again?”

“I’m simply asking for a review of the information. You know as well as I do, Master, that our numbers were taxed by the war.”

“I am aware, but your fixation is troubling to a degree and I cannot help wondering if there is another matter at play.”

“No, no. Simply a matter of tradition and opportunity.”

“Very well, please allow me a moment to review before your make your case again.”

A holoscreen flickered on and displayed a Republic dossier to both figures.

Name: Litii
Age: 24 (Galactic Standard Calendar)
Planet of Origin: Mirial
Species: Mirialan
Height: 154cm
Weight: 53kg
Skin Color: Green
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Sergeant
Status: Discharged

Beside the dossier, an attentive and younger looking Litii stood at attention for an official photograph at the start of her service with the Republic’s forces. The dossier continued one with notes here and there on particular engagements she had been involved in that earned her higher rank. For the most part, the record read as a mostly routine record of service.

“Master, if I might draw your attention to the this particular part of her record?”

The second figured gestured and screen centered itself on a particular set of commendations. Litii’s record for confirmed hits in combat seemed unusually high compared to most of the units she had been stationed in. This particular aptitude had been parted of what appeared to have earned the woman’s rank. Additionally, it had given her a place on a sharpshooter’s team within Republic forces along with specialized training.

“Yes. She certainly has an aptitude, but what of this is part of our concern?”

“There are a few additional files I wish to show you in connection to this. Some footage of her during training exercises as well as the results of blood tests.”

“Please enlighten me.”

A row of Republic soldiers conducted firing exercises under the guidance of Litii. The sergeant had a somewhat bored look on her face, but gave advice to some of her subordinates as she went by. Eventually, one asked the Mirialan to demonstrate proper firing form again and her eyes lit up. Taking up a blaster rifle and firing position, Litii grinned over at someone and gave a particular signal.

Moving targets took to the air as the Mirialan quickly began to fire at each with rapid precision. The display was over within a moment though Litii’s head appeared to jerk briefly without her aim being thrown off. At that, the recording stopped.

“Did you see it, Master?”

“The jerk of the head? Yes.”

“Ah,” said the other voice, “Yes and no. I should perhaps be perfectly honest and admit that I was present for the recording.”

“Do go on…”

“I intervened twice in her display. Neither in her favor. The jerk of the head was when I tossed a small pebble at her based on my suspicions after my first action.”

“Which was?”

“The targets she was firing at? I pulled one out of the way at the last moment expecting her to miss.”

“But she hit them all.”


“And the pebble?”

“It did not hit her despite my aim being sound…even if I had outgrow the pranks of a Padawan, I should like to think I have not lost the ability to aim.”

“And what conclusion do you draw from this?”

“Combined her her blood results,” the figure gestured, displaying another file, “I believe we can reasonably conclude she is both sensitive and subconsciously uses the Force to guide her shots.”

The master sighed and looked over the further report before nodding.

“I can see why you would believe this. The count in her blood is certainly high enough and she would have likely done well with us if we’d found her when she was young, but what do you expect from bringing this to me? She’s too old and there would be so much to teach her.”

“You know well my people understand the Force even without the instructions of the order. It may not be as refined, but…look at some of her markings. With the right instruction, she could be a padawan easily enough. Yes, there would be an adjustment period, but-”

“The but is what concerns me, Knight. The loss of our numbers was substantial, but we cannot let it make us hasty. Your instincts are good, but we lost people whose temperaments were cultivated by a lifetime in the Jedi Order. She’s older, has seen her share of combat, and has her own way of thinking already. These are all things to be wary of.”

“Yes, but if we are to make up for losses-”

“It will be by not being hasty and tossing away the proper order to things. Minor foresight and, what, subconscious redirection do you think?”

“Ah, yes, that was my belief.”

“Neither is dramatic enough to warrant action. She will likely continue with her life and keep her talents and develop no further. If I were to agree to your taking her on, then we risk bringing in another rash mind to replace the ones we lost. That is not our way and would potentially just lead to a further enemy if she saw a path to power.”

“I understand, Master. I simply thought there was potential there and with the right guidance any issues could be tempered.”

“If she were younger I would not worry, but as it stands…without any more dramatic displays we are better off focusing on more traditional candidates to replace our numbers…though I’m curious. Why was she discharged?”

“I wasn’t able to find out why.”



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