Lost Redhead: Sandra Mana


“Is this thing on? How do I use this?”
A female asks in a semi monotone voice.

“Push this switch, and then scroll to this option. Holotape. Got it?”
A gentle male seems to instruct, knowing the video is on anyways.

“So this one…um, very well. Ah, it is already on. Master, why must you tease me so!” The female pouts off screen.

“How else would you learn? It is not as entertaining either if you do not stumble and learn. It is on now. Go ahead, talk about yourself. It is important to at least keep some record of yourself. Go on!”

A slight shuffle is heard as a redhead of what looks like 13 appears before the screen, pushing some hair aside and taking a deep breath.

“My name is Sandra Mana, I am from Coruscant. Um…My Master is asking me to make a recording for me to watch in the future to see how I have grown. I think it is awkward, but I cannot deny him…”

“Now, Sandra, do not gripe!” He laughs off screen.

“Right…um, I am currently Thirteen years of age, I like the color Blue, I do not like socializing, and I do not like onions. Loud people are very annoying. Oh um…I have been studying under my master for Four years now? It has been exhausting and difficult, mostly because my master has a sense of humor.”

“Hey, would you prefer to have the master that makes you wash all the dishes every week? Or the one that shows you the strange places you like AND occasionally bring a REAL smile to that determined and stoic face, heh.”

The Master of Sandra chirps in jest.

“Everything is a lesson in disguise. You said the last trip would be fun, but you just showed me how to slice a terminal, near a sunset.”

“The sunset was gorgeous, was it not?”

“I was slicing the terminal, Master!”

“Right, well, it WAS gorgeous. And we had snacks after.”
He peeks into the camera and smirks a little. A twi’lek comes into view for a few seconds.

“I liked that…” Sandra fiddles with her hair a bit and looks to the ‘camera’.
“Well, um…my Master is showing me a few things aside from training. He says that taking up other skills is a good way to release stress between serious training and work. I guess…it does help. I like doing things with my hands…making things. Taking them apart. I can disassemble a blaster and the lightsaber of others. First time was…a prank.”

“I think Jim did not appreciate it, heh.”

“He said my hair was blood color…”

“Do not mind it. He meant to harm.”

“It hurt my feelings…a lot.”

“Have patience, Sandra. With tinkering, lessons, and with people. Not everyone is the same. So be open about the personalities of others. It is good to study this also.”

“I know…humph.”



Sandra pouts more. The Master bursts out laughing and comes to sit next to her on the screen. He waves and pats Sandra’s head as she winces a little at this action.

“Um…I will be going with Master to go…‘people watching’ in the square. What lesson is there in THAT?”

“A thousand. Learning about quirks and little things that make people an individual! Understanding is the greatest way to break the ice in socializing and noticing your own quirks and tells. You will learn a lot, I promise!”

“Humph, you will make me ah…do something odd meantime!”

“Maybe~” He chuckles loudly.

“Very well…oh um, this is Sandra Mana, Padawan of the Jedi Order. Signing off now, because time to study.”

Sandra, looking to be about 18 now looks on the old holovid and she bends over crying intensely after watching. She screams aloud in anguish as her world, that had been once filled with joy, is now darker and lonesome.
Sitting in a dark shuttle, all she can think of is her Master’s death and how lonely she feels. With all the skills he passed on to her, she can keep well these years.

Having been transferred to engineering work for the temple, she eventually ventured and interned in other places where she could put her skills to work. Having seen opportunity to make a fair life, she goes to a new planet and colony that looked good on the Advertisement.

As she sits there crying with the vid in her hands, Sandra swallows some air and wipes her eyes. After some moments of meditating in her seat, she puts the vid away and ties her hair up as the ship comes to land…


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