Mala the Jaded


Race: Echani
Occupation: Amateur weaponsmith
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 113 lbs
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Silver
Skin Colour: pale white
Physical Build: athletic

Name: Mala

Personality: Mala is a drinker and thrill seeker. She’s also easily bored, leading her down new and possibly unusual paths.

History: Mala was an orphan on Coruscant before she was found by a Jedi Knight who took her to the order, shortly after she was sent to Dantooine to be trained as a youngling. While Mala took to the teachings of the Jedi quickly she had the unfortunate personality quirk of being mischievous. Being scolded for playing pranks on the other younglings, Jedi Knights and even masters. Master Vrook regularly pushed for Mala to be expelled from the order, especially after she filled his pillowcase with sneezing powder, but Master Vandar came to her defense as the pranks were never malicious, just a bored child entertaining herself. Shortly before the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars she was chosen to be the Padawan of a Zeltron Jedi by the name of Nazir Vilo. Her master chose to follow Revan to combat the Mandalorian threat and gave her the choice to go with him or to return to Dantooine in hopes of finding another Master. Mala chose to go with her master instead of going back to deal with Master Vrook. She spent the war studying and learning all she could as well as helping the staff of the different bases they went to. Two weeks before Malachor V her master died, causing her to become jaded about the Jedi who refused to support those who had gone to fight. Since then she has been drifting from place to place.


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