Mart Webber: Abandoned

The datapad is turned on and tossed onto the table, causing a loud metallic clang “First, Damien left. He gave me the reasons why, but it still hurt. Now, Tran doesn’t want to be around me. He thinks I hate him. How long will it be until everyone else around me leaves, too?” He sighs and uncorks the bottle of liquor he left on the table, downing a large portion of it “What am I doing wrong? Is it because I didn’t try enough? Or maybe it’s because people are nice to me because they feel like they need to be?” He downs some more of the bottle and it makes an audible thud on the table as he slams it down “It seems I’ve been played a fool by those who I have called my friends. Maybe they never even cared about me in the first place.” He downs the rest of the bottle and chucks it against the wall, the sound of it shattering echoing a few times “I must truly be a horrible person deep down, for those close to me leaving one by one. Or maybe I was just horrible all along, and nobody wanted to say it to my face.” He sighs as he stops the recording, the click of turning it off heard just as the feed cuts

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