Mart Webber: Complications

Mart sits on the bench in his living room rubbing his face with a sigh, thinking back on the days’ events

Everything was going so well. Damien’s training was progressing steadily. He even surprised Althea with how far he had come. Then, this evening Damien had lost control. He went into a full-blown rage after getting stunned, running after the man who had done it, without thought. He ran, full tilt, after the man. Seething, twitching in anger. It had taken Mart almost three minutes to catch up to him and tackle him to the ground. As he struggled to keep Damien down, a shock dart came out of nowhere, taking him out of his rage and causing him to black out. Mart had to help support Damien back to the house to rest, as he was still too jarred to do it himself.

“Damien lost control. He didn’t hear me. Didn’t register I was there. The only thing on his mind was his anger at the man who had stunned them, wanting to hunt him down and raise hell. Is that what will happen every single time some hurts me? If that is the case…he may not be ready for missions. If he blows a gasket every time someone hurts me…he’ll either get himself killed or one of us. There have been multiple times now where We’ve been on a mission where fighting the enemy was impossible…and had he been there and lost it…likely would have ended up either seriously wounded or worse…”

He goes to lean back but then remembers he is on the bench, stopping himself and shaking his head “Sandra had asked me over but I was too busy with Damien to go and see her…feel like I upset her with that. Damien needs me…but I also know that Sandra needs me as well…I need to be able to find a balance for the both of them…instead of ignoring one for the other like I have in the past. One relationship strains the other…and I hope that I will not have to choose between one or the other…because I fear the repercussions of what such a choice would make. Both of them mean so much to me…and I do not want to have to answer the question of who matters more to me in the scheme of things…”

“I do hope that Damien manages to get this all under control…before he ends up killing someone…whether that be himself, me, or someone else…”