Mart Webber: Leader

There is a small hiss of static as Mart adjusts a dial on the datapad “I met my recruits yesterday. They were a very mixed bag, but I suppose the entirety of Nova can be called the same. Each one of them has something to give to the squad to make both themselves and the squad stronger.”

“Emily Deschan is the engineer of the squad. She…has quite the sharp tongue. Though I do not believe she is outright insubordinate.” He sighs “Though she did not say it, I believe her home world to have been Serroco. She has resentment to my people. Likely to me as well. She will need to work through that, whether it be on her own or with assistance.”

“Akajii. Zabrak. Mysterious one. Adept at Teras-Kasi, flattened me while I stood no chance. He is strong willed and appears to have the respect of his peers, but I have been advised that he suffered greatly during the Wars. His trust will likely not come easy. In time though, I believe I can prove to him, to /all/ of them, that I’m worth the effort. That Nova is worth the effort.”

“Van Draii, also known as ‘Giggles’. She is… a strange one. She isn’t strong or overly agile, but… Seela sensed the force in her. Specifically the dark side of the force. Not apparent, or in control, but there all the same, much like my own abilities were. Seela will be working on reigning in her powers, a guiding hand to help her on her way.”

“Elsa and Agnes Lanaker, sisters. Both work very well with one another, as is expected. Though, one seems far more enthused about the initiative than the other. Still, I see great potential in them as both fighters and tacticians. If they can manage to work with the rest of the squad as well as they work with each other, they will do far better than okay.”

“Ezekiel Ezra. Comes from Nar Shadda, used to be a bouncer, or so he says. Prefers brute force over finesse, and has the endurance of a Gundark. It took me several attempts to bring him down. I have a feeling he will be more acquainted with fighting up close and personal than hanging back with a blaster, but I will still test his ability in doing so. He isn’t used to calling others by ‘sir’, and I can understand that. He was also the last to commit to the squad, and I will see if any reservations enter his mind over time.”

“Kaia Luelles. Fighter pilot, recently out from the school. She says she has no experience in fighting, but believes herself to be a decent medic. I will have Seela work with her closely to ensure her skill in medicine, her potential becomes what it should be.”

“If given the chance, I will sit down and talk to each of them individually when I get the chance. I wish to get to know my squad better to properly know where they come from. Loyalty and respect from them will have to be earned, not expected. I just hope I am prepared for whatever comes next.” He sets the datapad down on his table as a timer beeps in the background. With a quick flick of his finger, he turns the recorder back off