Mart Webber: Targeted

A slight amount of static can be heard as he adjusts the sensitivity of the recording device as he sets it on the table “It has been quite some time since I’ve made an entry. So much has happened. I returned to Mandalore and retrieved my armor. I met another of my people, Kassie of clan Krail. I even fought a Sith Lord in direct combat.” He pauses and scratches his beard, the sound barely audible “And now I am being targeted by the same Sith Lord I faced, as are Sandra, Jaycen and Puru. Sandra, Puru and I have each faced our assassin already and defeated them, Jaycen has yet to be attacked, though I feel it only to be a matter of time before it happens. I am also…worried about Kassie. Puru and Tara seem to believe that she had developed feelings for me, which has led to her overprotective behavior towards me. I myself am still unsure about that claim, though I’m not exactly able to understand the reasons women act as they do either. I suppose at this point, only time will tell.” He pauses to rub his chin “I have yet to see my recruits again, though I hope that changes soon. They’re going to need all the training they can get in order to face the Sith head-on.” With a flick of a finger, he turns the device off once again