Mart Webber: Worried

Mart sleeps peacefully on the couch in Sandra’s room, knowing he’s safe there. That She is safe there. Then, the feeling comes again. His windpipe slowly closes, he’s slowly lifted off the floor. He struggles and fights as hard as he can, but is defenseless as he’s dragged to the door. As he’s about to be slammed through it, he wakes up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. The thrashing in his sleep had caused him to fall out of the couch and onto the floor. He sits there for a few moments, letting himself catch his breath. Then, a rapid number of questions flood into his mind. Who was that force user? Why does he want to torment Sandra? Am I putting herself in danger because of the feelings I have for her? That she has for me? He then sighs, stands up, puts on his armor and walks out of the bedroom, finding Sandra sleeping on the table. With a light smile, he retrieves the cover she had given him and puts it on her, wrapping it around her gently. He considered putting the pillow under her head, but decided not to risk it. He leans down and gives her a light kiss on the forehead, just as she had when she consoled him the night before. He walks over to the spot he had left his helmet at the night before, picking it up and silently putting it on, sending another smile Sandra’s way before doing so. With that, he walks out of her house to face whatever hardships would be thrown his way.

Mart walks in to his apartment quietly, not wishing to disturb Damien as he slept. He looks around for a moment, knowing that he needs to get more furniture and sighs. He sits down on a couch and stretches for a moment, exhausted both physically and mentally from the day’s events. He rubs his face as he thinks back to everything that happened. Tran and Nate fighting. Zain abandoning Damien. The mistake he made. He lets it all flood in for a few moments before stretching again and laying down on the couch.

One of these days Tran and Nate are going to kill one another. He sighs as he thinks this, believing it to be true. His thoughts then switch over to the situation between Zain and Damien and his blood boils once again. His fists clench, his body begins to tremble in rage. After a few moments, he finally sighs and lets it pass. Damien is lost. Broken. His brother has abandoned him in his eyes. Maybe Zain has. But I won’t. I refuse to. I’m not going to give up on Damien as long as he doesn’t give up on himself. But he was close to doing so today. He rubs his temple as he mulls everything over before sighing. Messed up today with Sandra. Said something you shouldn’t have. Let it slip. Idiot. Might have ruined everything. Worthless. You know what she said. He silently sits as the sudden barrage of emotion hits him, the stress of it finally being enough to force him to sleep.