Mytstasy Group Beginnings

The Mytstasy Group, having secured minor funding and with a handful of contacts abroad, begins its efforts to properly and publicly establish itself within Veles. As a first step, company reps would make an effort to introduce themselves to Czerka Officials…

Intent here is to sort of try to press the guild into the narrative environment with a handful of goals.

  • Establish Relations with Czerka, be they good or bad, by introducing the company and its purpose.
  • Propose a recruitment effort to Czerka, centered around the Refugee problem within Veles.
  • Request rights to recruiting additional security personnel to operate within and around Veles.
  • Request rights to ship movements to and from Veles / Czerka controlled territory.
  • Offer to assist with the local gang problem(s)

Personally, I’m entirely fine with things going as they go and would like to organically get an overall story going for the Company itself.