Navi Umali

An old woman and a child, both bundled in warm clothes, are meandering through the forest on the planet Mirial as they come across a small injured bird. It lays on the forest floor breathing shallowly as the life slowly leaves its form.

“Poor thing… Navi, attend to this creature. Remember what I taught you. Feel the connection to it through the Cosmic Force. Then, you may sense what needs to be repaired.” The woman says kindly. The young girl picks the bird up lightly and cradles it in her left hand gently as she says, “Yes grandmother, I will try.”

She places her free hand over the creature, touching it lightly, as she concentrates, struggling to find the connection to this small lifeform. Her face scrunches a bit as she frowns, “It’s not working, maybe it doesn’t have enough life force remaining?” she looks to the old woman questioningly. “Focus Navi and try again.” The Woman says.

Navi closes her eyes, her face remaining scrunched at the eyes and mouth, as she focuses intently. She reaches out with her senses and grasps a faint tendril with her mind. She continues to focus as she channels her will into the damaged creature. The birds begin to breath rapidly, its eyes darting around quickly.

Over the next few minutes, the animal’s breathing begins to return to a normal pace, and it begins to move gently in Navi’s hands. “Hahehe, that tickles.” Says Navi as the bird starts to stand in her palm. Navi pets the creature lightly, “There you are, all better now aren’t you…” It jumps from her hand and flies away. She looks to her grandmother smiling widely, “I did it! Hooray!” The woman looks down to the child and smiles warmly as she says, “That you did child, you did well and I’m very proud of you.”

An old woman and a teenage girl sit silently in meditation on mats opposite each other, the small room is otherwise empty and lit by a small fireplace that crackles nearby. The woman has a sad look on her face though the young girl does not see it with her eyes closed.

There is a knock at the single door to the small hut as a male voice is heard through the door, “Adeline Umali, I must speak with you.” The old woman and the girl both open their eyes at the knock, the woman’s face returns to a neutral expression quickly. “Ah, continue your meditations while I see what this gentleman needs.” The woman says. She exits the hut to talk to the man. Their voices are a mumble from within the hut as they speak quietly.

The man raises his voice slightly as he pleads with the woman, “But you must, you are desperately needed!” The woman firmly says, “Keep your voice down.” She re-enters the hut sighing slightly as she holds open the door for the man, “Come in… we can discuss privately in here.” She looks to the teenager and smiles as she gestures to the human male, “Navi, this is Jedi Knight Ordus Kaval, please make some tea if you would dear.”

An old woman and a teenage girl are at a small landing pad, the girl carries a small bag and Jedi Knight Ordus Kaval can be seen near the lone starship sitting on the pad. The girl frowns, “I don’t understand grandmother, if you left the Jedi Order many years ago, why must you leave now? Don’t they have other who can help?” The old woman sets a hand lightly on the girl’s shoulder, “These are troubled times my dear and the Jedi and Republic need all the assistance they can get. I do not wish to leave you alone, but it must be done.” She smiles warmly as she motions Ordus over, “You will understand one day. Ordus, please collect my belongings from Navi and take them aboard, I’ll be read shortly.” The man looks to the girl and nods as he takes the small bag and heads back to the ship.

The woman looks again to her granddaughter as she smiles lovingly with a small tear pooling in one of her eyes, “You are growing into a fine young woman Navi. I’m very proud of you. I’ve no doubt you will accomplish great things one day.” The girls greenish, yellowish tinted skin blushes slightly, “Thank you grandmother. I will await you return and try to help fill your role in the village. I love you grandmother.” Navi gives the old woman a big hug as tears begin to leak from both eyes. The woman squeezes the girl in return, “And I love you my dear. This is not goodbye; this is I’ll see you again soon.”

As Navi sits by a fire chatting to some of the members of her village while enjoying a bowl of soup, suddenly, she feels her adrenaline rush and a wave of utter, shattering sadness flow through her. While she doesn’t yet realize the true impact of what has transpired on Malachor V, she knows for certain that her grandmother is no longer among the living. She begins to sob, the tears streaming down her chin and pouring into her soup. The villages around the fire try to console her, confused as to what has triggered such violent sadness in their dear friend and fellow villager.

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