Necropolis of the Revanchist

Necropolis of the Revanchist

If the server plot aligns with lore written, of course Revan isn’t dead. But all should see him this way and being of an order that dedicates themselves to his ways/teachings, his corpse should be found. This is an event request to reflect such desire by my PC, Niall Odhran. It should be open to all Revanites and any allies approved by Sith Lords. May open up to others if it makes sense, IC.


  • Locate the wreckage of where Revan died (Assumed easy)
  • Retrieve his corpse or what is left of him, if anything (Assumed impossible)
  • Retrieve items of Revan that would be appropriate to be placed in his tomb (Assumed possible)
  • Salvage wreckage for parts that can be useful to build a space station/temple (Assumed possible)
  • Learn any insights about Revan and his fall by studying the wreckage (Assumed fun)

Per Niall’s post on discord in our factions chat:

Greetings my most esteemed peers… and others (you know who you are)

As we move forward, as we embrace our teachings and as we become forevermore both that a student and teacher in the ways of the Sith, we must take our moments to review. Review ourselves, sure. Our peers, seems judgment comes natural us. But ourselves as a whole? As a united force with united goals? That. That is most difficult, I will be the first to admit to push back and critique those who rise before and above me. But we are of an order of which one being of whom’s name we all celebrate, Revan.

It is said he is dead. And what do we do about that? Have we proof? Have we seen his corpse? And now we aim for a great Citadel, a space temple, of which I assume will be in his honor? Something to place hidden in that of space, perhaps? Mighty and powerful we shall be, yet no direction given to finding our fallen sage of sages.

I proposal a formal initiative be made. We will dedicate a grand room within our new Citadel as a place for his corpse to rest? And I desire, as should you, for within this new temple of ours that we see to create a library, an archive of information, open and free to all our lords and those of whom they allow access to. And from these archives we will learn, we will figure out how to resurrect Revan. For there is no purer form of revenge against Malak than what he can deliver.

These our my thoughts, these are my passions.

Your brother,

Niall Odhran
Apprentice of The High Inquisitor Elase’rav’rexov