New Player's Guide: Things I wish I'd known

I will try to update this regularly…

I’m a new player. I’ve only been on the server for a couple of weeks. I love it.

There have been a few instances where I was utterly confused at first, only to realize later how much time I’d wasted lol… This guide will be a collection of those instances in hopes to save other’s some time and effort.

There are what many may consider to be “basic and obvious recommendations” such as “examine everything, talk to every NPC, read every thing…” but sometimes player’s may overlook some things or misunderstand some things early game. There is a lot to take in on this server. It is basically like playing a whole new game.

Another seemingly obvious recommendation would be to join the discord and to actually use the forum. There does not seem to be a wiki page, and I’m sure there are other player’s making similar posts as this one here. Hopefully I will catch something someone missed, just as they may have covered things I will not. I will continue to expand and edit this post, as well as make sure to read posts by other players. Maybe one day we can use all these forum posts to collaborate on a wiki page.

  1. Ability score changes, what they mean, and how to go about building a character:
    work in progress… there’s a lot to be said about this and it’s late. I will get back to this asap

  2. Language choices:
    This really does not matter, and you really should just pick what you want. But, it was recommended to me to take Shyriiwook (language of the Wookies) because WOOKIES CANNOT SPEAK COMMON (or basic as it is referred to on this server), but they can understand it.

So if YOU want to understand ANY Wookie players in game then I suggest you take this language. Taking this language has influenced my game time and character development a lot personally. My main character literally joined a “crew” on a ship captained by a Wookie. Granted, I am the only member of the crew other than the captain thus far, but without knowing the language this role play experience would have never taken off.

  1. Hunter’s Guild:
    As soon as you land on Viscara, you will be in a colony called Veles. When you exit the star port, head to the right to find the building called “To Veles Tradeskills” on the map. When you get inside speak to the hunting guild’s representative in the first room. They will explain some things about guilds that are very useful to lower level players.

If you do not go do this right away, you will come back later and have to do low level hunting to get Guild Points used to “level up” your guild level. There are low rank guild quests that call for you to go back to the asteroid (CZ-220) and kill more droids and mynocks.

There are also crafting guilds for armor smithing, weapon crafting and engineering. Same concept as the hunter’s guild, but the quests require you use the crafting system.

  1. The crafting system is easier than it seems:
    work in progress

  2. Chat Commands!:
    A simple comprehensive guide to the chat commands and their functions. Also a work in progress

/Language Name < type the “language name” you are trying to switch to in place of “Name” and remember that Basic is what they call Common on this server

There’s a lot more I’d like to cover, but it’s late and I’m just going to grind until I pass out. :3

  1. Certain things you wear may represent certain factions. Be aware of this:
    The best example that I can give of this is that I chose the bounty hunter style Boba Fest helmet which apparently is a Mandalorian Helmet. They are their own faction of space berserkers that have a reputation of being tyrannical psychopaths it seems, and wearing one of their helmets may alarm others. So be aware that certain items you just think look cool may actually represent something you may find no-so-cool later on lol…

  2. Check up on lore:
    You don’t have to read any books, although I plan to myself because this server has inspired me to explore more Star Wars lore. I’ve not even seen all the movies myself, nor any of the TV shows such as the Mandalorian. Had I been more well versed in Star Wars lore it would definitely have effected my play style. And while I think some level of ignorance is nice to help you have more fun in some ways, it can also really affect your play style and interaction with other players. Backstories are pretty important in this regard. And the server takes place about 4,000 years before the movies. I’ve only seen the first 7 of the movies, and nothing else, not even a side film like the Rogue One or whatever it was called. Now I am wanting to rewatch every movie, finish the series, watch every side movie, and all of the TV series… I even want to watch the 3D kids cartoon now lol… I will listen to books on audible omw to and from work. This is not necessary to get into the server, but I personally think it would help with character development and role play.


Outfits - SWLOR does not have a distinction between heavy/light armor and there is an internal outfit saving system, up to 10 slots! So if you spend a bit of time on your first outfit in the initial room, or even soon after you enter the game feel free to save it, because regardless of what type of armor you go with you can absolutely reskin your outfit to that a saved design.

Under the rest menu, r or /rest you select the modify item appearance and follow it from there.