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First off freaking love the Star Wars theme.

I’m on the first part of the game where i have talked to the receptionist. I can not find the security officer. I searched the whole map. I killed the 5 bats and got the 10 ores. I just can’t find the security officer anywhere for the third task the receptionists gave me. I also notice the quest disappears if i leave the game and come back.

I think the third task is from a fellow who gives you some slay quests, I believe to poke a few robots. He’s by the entrance to the basement factory.
If you did all the slaying quests, there is one that asks you to kill a coltel (spelling?) and there’s a dead guy’s datapad if you can manage to solo the thing in an individually locked room.

The logging on and off thing is likely a glitch.

Hope that helps!

If you’ve killed 5 Mynocks and collected 10 ore, then the third NPC you want to talk to is the Droid in the station’s crafting room, it looks like C-3PO. It will give you several options for quests, and you can take one related to crafting or to scavenging; scavenging is usually easier and quicker, but the crafting quests can give you an idea of how the server’s crafting system works if you’re interested in it.

The man who gave you the quest for the Mynocks can also give you two more quests which MissMora mentioned. Those aren’t required, but give you a nice extra boost in experience and an item reward at the end.

Feel free to ask for assistance or guidance in-game as well, and most players will likely be more than willing to help you out!

Yeah I’m starting to figure this game out. Very cool. How can i find more information on the different force classes?

Has a lot of that information.

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