[OLD] Custom Portrait Thread

Given that I’m sure some people (myself included) are running around with custom portraits not in the default LOR library, I decided to make a thread wherein people can post theirs for download. If there’s enough interest I or someone may compile them into a zip.

Here is mine for my character, Rie Corva:


maybe somebody could start compiling submissions and upload them to the steam workshop?

If you guys want to get them resized to NWN’s format, I’m happy to put them in our haks so others can benefit from them.

Mine is already resized and works fine in NWN, unless there’s something else I can do to make the formatting more smooth?

I didn’t catch the download link. I’ve got it now. Will add a ticket to integrate these.

I have a custom portrait! Can we still post them here?



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Ooh! Very nice. I haven’t made one for my cyborg yet but might eventually want to get one since right now he’s got the same portrait as the generic NPC Duskhaven Thugs do.

Aedan Terallis



Bonnie Reid

Files here

Mora wanted me to post Sandra’s portrait, so here it is. LMAO.


Download (Top One)

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For Zain maybe?
image https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/shadowrun/images/9/9b/Jake_Armitage.png/revision/latest?cb=20130731144558&path-prefix=en

nah looks a tad too villainy tbh

Just a bit! Well… back to the drawing board.
Jake Armitage is fun but decker mages just work with the D20 modern aesthetic. Ho-hum!

Portrait for Yeule. Mostly edited by imamanDUH, and some by myself.


Also edited Aedan’s portrait, above, and added a proper download link for Sandra’s portrait.

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And I guess Kai’s portrait too.



finally got Kassie her own image figured out, so putting it here so y’all can see it if ya wanna download it