Phyress D'naaj


House D’naaj was an ancient, illustrious house. The family had been on Alderaan for as long as there have been human settlers on the planet. Or so the noble house had long claimed. True or not, the D’naaj had been a power on Alderaan for a very long time. First recorded as little more than petty nobility, the D’naaj had crawled their way from a footnote amongst the nobility, to being counts holding vast swaths of territory and prestige.

Phyress was born soon after Valdrik, her father, married a distant relative of House Thul. Phyress was the second child of Valdrik, and his first daughter. Growing up, Phyress was groomed and tutored in the classical Alderaanian way. She was taught the arts, philosophy, science, and proper courtly poise. The early years of her life were used to help mold the budding scion into a fine woman, and a tool to be used to further her family’s power through political marriage.

Her path would change with the arrival of a man named Draynard Vresk.

After an assassination attempt on her father, Valdrik decided that he, and his household, would do well to learn self defense. To that end, he hired fencing tutors for each of his children, with Draynard tasked to teach Phyress. She was an eager student, and took the the man’s teachings with zeal.

Draynard grew closer to Phyress over the years, slowly teaching her the ways of swordsmanship - and of the Sith.

Unknown to her household, and Phyress until Draynard’s arrival, Phyress was a force sensitive. Draynard sensed her during a chance meeting at a ball, and had wormed his way into Valdrik’s service to get closer to Phyress. The Sith goaded Phyress gently, encouraging her to assert her own independence, rather that to simply bow to her father’s wishes. Draynard did much to help Phyress become her own woman, and when the time came for Draynard to reveal his true allegiance and identity, the noble scion was already a loyal and willing servant.

Years went by, and her fencing training changed to that of a Sith apprentice, a fact that Phyress eager took to. She would be joined later by a Chiss woman named Rovesha. Chance had brought her into contact with Valdrik during a trip to Coruscant, and chance would bring the force sensitive Chiss back to Phyress and her master back on Alderaan. Rovesha soon joined Phyress in her apprenticeship under Draynard, and the two became quick friends.

Opportunity would soon arrive for House Dlnaaj. The resource rich planet of Viscara drew Valdrik’s attention. Seeing a chance to further his family;s wealth and power, and give his now-rebellious daughter some to keep her busy and away from, home, Valdrik tasked Phyress with establishing some sort of dealings with Czerka on the planet. She was reluctant to leave the planet at first, but was quickly encouraged by her master, and given a different reason to go to Viscara.

She would go to the planet with Rovesha in tow, going not to further her family’s wealth and power - but her own.


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