Quest Master System & Application

What is a Quest Master?

A Quest Master is, in essence, a player who wants to help drive story and push events for the server for others without committing to being part of the DM team on a permanent basis. It is a temporary position with limited access to the DM client.

How does it work?

After filling in the application form below, the DM team will review it. If you are accepted as a Quest Master, you will be granted the according Role on Discord, given access to the DM tools, and then you can start planning out your events or quests or working through player requests.

Quest Masters will remain in their position for up to 2 months at a time, after which point they will return to being a normal player but may choose to re-apply after another month of ‘cooldown.’

What do I get as a Quest Master?

  • Limited access to the DM client (see the Rules below)
  • Access to a private channel and role on Discord, as well as a section on the forums.
  • Upon completion of your first QM period, a +5% XP bonus on a character of your choosing.

What are the Rules of being a Quest Master?

  1. A Quest Master is not a member of the DM team, and as such does not have the authority to enforce server rules or apply punishments. They are not allowed to log in as a DM while on Player client, and may only be logged in on the DM client while running or preparing for an event.

  2. Quest Masters must be active during their QM period, within reason. They must do at least two quests or events within their month. QM events and quests should not overlap with each other’s or with those of a DM unless specifically planned for or involving separate player groups.

  3. A Quest Master’s events will not be considered ‘major’ plot or story quests. They may create small plot lines, advance personal character stories, and work with DMs to assist in running major events. A Quest Master will not use any ‘major’ NPCs for the server, especially established canon lore characters (Revan, Malak, Bastila, etc.).

  4. A Quest Master should avoid running quests specifically for their own faction or ‘group’ that they play with as a PC. They may not use their own PC in their events in any capacity unless explicitly approved.

  5. A Quest Master may not give out or grant custom items to players as quest rewards. RP XP rewards are allowed up to a limit of 5,000. Other quest rewards such as credits may be discussed prior to the event.

  6. All quests, events, and plotlines must be approved by a DM before they can be run, so Quest Masters must first submit their ideas with a rough summary or outline of what they have planned. Furthermore, a Quest Master’s quests or events must be explicitly logged on the forums, preferably with full chat logs attached.

How to Enable Chat Logs

If you haven’t already, make sure to set up your client to log the chat.

By default, the logs get saved as you play to Documents > Neverwinter Nights > logs as nwclientLog1.txt

If you have a log rotator program (such as GLR 5000), that’s recommended, because otherwise the logs will be overwritten immediately the next time you launch the NwN client.

Quest Master Application

Please submit the following in PM form to the DM Team (@DungeonMasters) on the forums, where they will review it.

All information will be kept private.


Character Name(s):

Are you over 18?:


Roughly how many Quests or Events do you have in mind?

Are you familiar with the NwN DM Client?:

What or who are you intending to cater to in your events?:

Why do you want to QM:

Summarize one of your plot ideas as a QM. (At least 150 words.)

Anything else we should know about you: