Republic Or Bust - Damien Kalan

Name: Damien Kalan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Time in Service: 1 Year
Transfer request: Approved
Location of Transfer: Viscara

Recruit Kalan has requested transfer to the base on Viscara. Apparently the recruit has standing family on planet and is requesting transfer to be closer to them from Coruscant. The recruit has finished basic training and is fit for active duty. He has been made perfectly clear that he may be required to prove himself fit for active duty at the discretion of the Commanding officer on base.

Signed: Captain Gamelrez, Coruscant Republic Recruitment Office.

Growing up in a life of poverty does not create a strong familial bond. Damien had long known of his older brother Zain but he was considered the black sheep of the family, outcasted and forgotten after his criminal run ins with the gangs. Zain had escaped, left his little brother behind as he went off to explore the galaxy. Had forgotten all about them and his younger brothers fight to survive the same cruelty and hardships he had.

Damien though had no intention of becoming a courier, like his brother he rebelled against his parents trying to dominate his life. He hated his family and life and often took to criminal activities to survive, until he was caught that is.

The day he turned eighteen, he was in the employment office signing up though why was kept hidden. He had to devote a full year to service to prove he had what it took to become an officer as well as finish basic training. Having made good friends with a few of the higher officials he soon showed some promise among their ranks. His parents hated it, but daring to insult the Republic of Coruscant was never viewed as a good thing so they took to ignoring him, making him fend for himself.

On the turn of his nineteenth birthday he looked to his superiors proudly as they announced the completion of his basic training. He had passed all their test. He would be reviewed in the following days to be promoted to Private officially. Heading home exhausted he found a letter waiting for his family who were not yet home. Opening it, he found a letter from Zain. His brother was alive and well, living on Viscara. He wanted to make contact with his family. Knowing his parents well enough he forged out a copy and left it for them, pocketing the real letter and headed back to the Republic base.

Once inside he went to speak to one of his friends among the ranking members. Requesting a transfer to Viscara. The officer looked at the youth like he had three heads and asked him if he was out of his bloody mind wanting to go to that wasteland of a place. Yet when the youth showed him the letter and explained about his brother, the man simply offered an nod and a smile, warning him that the promotion would be postponed and had to be granted to him on Viscara.

He accepted the trade off and went home one last time to gather his things. He found his parents reading the letter and as they briefly addressed it, he informed them he was headed out to meet his brother. The Republic was transferring him immediately. They tried to refuse his right to go, to make him stay and serve the family proper, promising to disown him if he did, but all he could say, was the Republic was expecting him. He turned and headed out, not looking back as he reported into the shuttle bay and boarded. Only on route did he hear about the attack on Foerost. His features darkening as word of traitors and deserters was whispered among the crew. He had to find his brother. He had to report in. He would not allow these traitors and foul people destroy the peace they cherished.


Republic Journal Log 1

Been on this planet for about four days, amazingly found Zain after only two hours of searching. Admittedly the first thing I did was punch him in the mouth for ditching me, but since then we have basically been getting along. Its been tense though for a while, its still hard to forgive him for everything hes done to me. Still he took me in, got me some actual gear. Has been trying to help me. Yet I cannot deny the anger is still there. As well as the hunger that seems to truly upset him.

I have seen this planet is overflowing with the bloody Jedi. Everywhere I turn I see one of their cult members running around and honestly its a bit alarming how many of them there actually are. I like a few of them, like Tara for instance. Shes bold, yet shes not afraid to admit the Jedi were wrong, even apologized for it. Hohenfel seemed truly apologetic for how little the Jedi did in the Mandolorian wars. Sandra though…she goes from day to night. One moment she seems very kind, caring and considerate, then shes cutting down my brother verbally, having little tizzy fits and stomping off like the noble she is that gets told she can’t have a new dress. Its very conflicting and because of her association with Jace, I have to watch my words, hes my superior and I dont feel like a beating because I offend him as its his ex girl and hes my superior.

I have left word for the Republic to get back to me, haven’t gotten back to me yet other then to remain on standby, they sounded almost offended that I even asked for an appointment even though I was supposed to report in to them on arrival? Things are hectic with that bastard traitors actions, seems like the Republic is in as much of a tizzy over it all. Can’t say as I blame them what with the deserters, deaths and all. So much to go over.


Republic Journal Log 2

Zain is still a lot like he used to be back home, always making me the last priority while anyone else can have him immediately, then gets upset when I get mad regardless of the promises to me. I am sorry that I believe there is a point that family has to come first. Though apparently he disagrees. What started as agreeing to do a simple modding for a Mandalorian suddenly turned into, hey lets go mining in the crystal caves for him for red crystals, forget that I literally JUST promised to help you clear the Mandalorians.

He got mad that I stormed out. Then had the gall to look hurt when hours later, he finally decided that after three days and almost eight hours today, I had spoken to my superior Jace for help. I am tired of only being at his convenience. He could have told the Mando he would get back to him after helping me with my job. I would have gone with him then, but no. As usual I was second rate and thrown aside.

He keeps apologizing for being a poor brother, yet keeps doing everything to make me inferior. I should have remembered my lessons from back home when I had jobs after he originally started the Spice, didn’t matter if I got a beating for the jobs being late, when it came to the Vipers or anyone wanting him, I was second. Even if it meant the job being late by days. I learned to stop depending on him then too, even if it meant I got hurt doing the job alone. Tara had it right you know, Zain has a good heart, he just often forgets about whats important. Including me. Though it won’t be the first time he forgot about me would it?

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Republic Journal Log 3

Mandalorians, I never thought I would actually like one since the War that took my uncle Ernie, yet Mart seems rather nice. I actually like him and find myself easily able to talk with him. Hes offered to help me work through some of my issues with Zain which is a pretty big undertaking. I think yesterday he learned how big, I know I broke his nose, black eye, good sized cut on his cheek. I feel bad I hurt him like that.

I do have an issue with my temper, but there is a lot of anger and resentment with Zain and with valid reasons. Even he seemed taken back with some of the things I told him. I do admire his willingness to help though. He seems a pretty decent sort. My training is advancing and so are my skills. Its been a slow climb but it is progressing.

Jacen is a good CO, but very demanding and I have to keep reminding him that I am not on his level of training and to slow down which seems to get him angry pretty fast. He wants to move to Mon Cala and I am trying to get him to realize I am not ready for that yet. Knowing your limits is healthy, getting people to respect them is hard. Hopefully he comes to understand that I am not on his level yet and will slow down a bit more, though crushing the Vellens was fun I admit.


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Republic Journal Log 4

Trust, this is something I have been burned on time and again, namely by Zain. I am stupid to keep trying. As always I am the first one tossed aside in value for anyone else. This time for some dame he got broken hearted about and tried to off himself. No care what it would do to me, no concern about how it effected me when he told me.

He literally told Mart to take and hand me over to the Jedi, he didn’t even care about me one bit. Mart had to step up and try to help me out cause Zain couldn’t be bothered with me. Mart promises to never leave me as Zain has promised so many times, the sad part is that I want to believe it, but I can’t, not right now. Getting burned by Zain again, its hard to trust again. Though I think Mart gets that. Perhaps better then anyone he gets it.

Mart promised he wasn’t gonna abandon me. That I wasn’t a bad brother either. That part I’m not sure of as there must be something wrong with me for Zain to keep throwing me away, otherwise he would value me as close as he does this dame, Ray, and even Nate, they are all valued over me. It’s the Vipers all over again. Just they aren’t criminals.