[Request] Fix Force Utility or Remove It



Keeping it in the game gives people who were around before the force overhaul an unfair advantage over everyone else. Not only do they have access to powers noone else can use, but they have a whole other branch of jedi stats they can raise. Even if you use all your xp tomes and all your rp xp to raise force utility, it will still take you forever to be able to compete on any level with those older characters.

Fixing them is the ideal solution, but sure it can take a lot of work, so can we just remove it for now until the coders are able to get around to it? At least then, everybody will be on the same level and have access to all the same stuff


You posted this 2 days after the new force powers plan was rolled out lol. It’s getting fixed!


i hadn’t heard, where was this announced?