Respawn rate is broken as heck, Guild suggestions

So as someone currently going through the guild quests on Rank 1, I am gonna give my input on it.

  1. 1000 points is WAAAAAAAAAY too much, even with max perk points…it is insanely high, cut it back to like…200-500 points, 1000 for lvl 1 is just insane. They aren’t handing out 500 gold and mass XP and giving guild shop access at this point so the reward and guild point rewards are insanely low with max guild point perks. It should not take 3-7 days to get off rank one and access the shop.

  2. Respawn rates in CZ-220 is INSANELY long, especially when you need the RAREST drop of Mynock wings. I have literally sat here 30 mins currently waiting for a dang respawn so I can get 2 more of the damned things. If there were new players here too, I would totally be screwing them over for ever getting through, but as I need the insane 1000 guild points, I cant afford not to do the Mynock quest too.

  3. Review all monster drops…again as seen in Change loot drops on Bounty Creatures…5 drops on any creature is insane and thus creates a massive issue in getting the drops meaning I am spending 3-6 hours getting one loot type meaning again, I am screwing over newbies in CZ-220, perhaps remove guild quests for CZ-220?

  1. it takes 2 days to max rank 1 at max perk level, it’s really not that hard at all.

  2. There’s two spawns for mynocks and they really don’t take long to go when walking between the two, they’re not 30 min spawns. Also it’s not that bad for new players, they don’t need that much from mynocks and both you and them don’t need the same items. You can just loot what remains and so can they, if they need kills just take turns, or add them to a party, it will get the job done without issue.

  3. Removing a guild type from any area won’t matter because newbies will need to go there eventually anyways. And that problem isn’t that big a deal compared to higher player count all hunting the same things at the same time, but most of those are kinda fixed with groups unless it’s a loot collection. The drops arn’t that bad on normal monsters, they’re kinda normal and doable, the worst ones are boss items. Mandalorian herb only drops off the mandalorian leader, who is the also the only one who drops several other drops. He has the longest respawn timer in the area, and the items you need off him stack in groups of six. It takes forever to get things you need BECAUSE he is the only one who drops it and there is only one of him at any given time. The other drops are just honestly not that big a deal, it’s a small grind sure, but that was kinda the point of the feature.

  1. I am maxed and have been doing it for 4 days so far. Guild hunting at 1000 is very bad, or the reward numbers are bad.

  2. Again, I am doing this currently, right this moment, it took 30 MINUTES for a respawn

  3. The difference between CZ-220 and ANYWHERE else, is that you NEED to finish quests ON CZ-220 to get OFF CZ-220 unlike ANYWHERE else.

You should be able to take the wildlands and wildwoods quests right from the start if I’m not mistaken if they are offered. At least that was the case for me, if I recall correctly.
The wildlands quests are easy enough, the one in the woods (Kinraths, outlaws, Gimpassa) may be a tad more difficult for new characters but aside from the Gimpassa one should be doable.

It’s mostly the loot drops that are an issue in my opnion, this goes for mynock wings, Kath parts (fur, teeth, meat) and Warocas parts (legs, spine, meat) and of course for specific boss drops like the mandalore herb.

You can yes, but with 1000 point requirement, I am stuck doing the CZ 220 quests. I agree the drops are insane when each monster has 5+ drops or you limit it to only 1 specific monster that only 1 spawns.

The thing about being choosy about which quests you take is, when you’re trying to grind that super high 1000 GP, you need to take all the quests you can, so you do the station quests because you need the GP, else thats going to cut out like half your quests, doubling the time it takes you to progress.

I cannot agree more that 1k GP is too high to set the goal at to get out of the first rank. Getting out of the first rank should be quick so you are offering players a reward for getting into the guild stuff. After the initial rank, you can start increasing the requirements. I would suggest 250 for the first level, then 500 for the second, and then 1k after that.

Also, for the crafting guilds, these need to be built to progress at the same rate as your actual crafting skills, otherwise the guilds get horribly boring with very little reward. I stopped doing them because it was asking me to make things that give me no XP. And to me, that equals wasted time.

I also agree that the mynock wings could drop a little more often. Those are a huge pain to collect, and on average, probably dropped one for every 20 mynocks I killed. It took me half a day of grinding that area to get just 4 wings.

Lastly, the spawn times for the mynocks is something I’ll disagree on. Even playing a strong character who blasts through the enemies, I still find that they have respawned by the time I get around to the start again. I think what you’re seeing take them a long time to respawn is probably just a bug