Rie Corva


Born on a Tatooine moisture commune, Rie demonstrated a knack for fixing things at an early age. She was a wiz with machines and droids and had an eye for salvage like a Jawa’s. But, such a simple life never sat well with her; she yearned for a bit more excitement than fixing vaporators on a dustbowl. Before long she fell in with the local scum and villainy, modding swoops, podracers, blasters, and more. It wasn’t quite the challenge she craved, but the work was a bit more thrilling. Before long, she was making a name for herself and becoming a go-to gal in the underworld.

This continued for some time until Rie picked up a job from a Toydarian named Neflo, who was running a swoop bike racket with a Dug named Dulga. Neflo wanted some cutting edge work done on Dulga’s racer. Rie had some reservations about the unstable specifications and time constraints, but was too proud to back down, and what good judgement she had was stifled by a tidy sum of credits. Her clients proved terrible, though: bossy, angry, and worst of all impatient. Practically breathing down her neck the whole time, they rushed a job that was delicate to begin with. When the end result was a tragic accident that left Dulga a charred corpse as his bike combusted violently at the starting line, Rie couldn’t help but feel it was more than a bit deserved. Neflo, however, was furious and swore revenge upon the young mechanic.

About a year later, word began to circulate that Neflo had become some Hutt’s right-hand man. Now a bit worried that her old foe’s threat had some teeth, she cut a deal with a smuggler to get her offworld. She ended up as far as the Middle Rim, dropped off at Viscara, a frontier world where she decided to make a new start for herself.


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