RP Tokens: Rewards

RP Tomes can now be turned in. Please do not disturb a DM during events to turn in tokens. The following is the current list of things you can obtain with tokens:

XP Bonus: 10 RP Tokens gets you 1% XP Bonus up to 25%.
Please note that the character biography plus any event rewards are including in the 25%
Rent Decrease: 12 RP Tokens will get you a 2% reduction in rent up to 50%
Please note that event rewards DO NOT count towards this cap.
1x Greater XP Tome (1600 XP). Price: 1 RP Token
2x Lesser XP Tome (800 XP each). Price: 1 RP Token
4x Minor XP Tome (400 XP each). Price: 1 RP Token