Sandra Mana: Divided


Sandra leaves the meeting with Tara and Seela and the Master Hohenfel a bit abruptly. She goes to sit alone in a dark quiet place where she can just have a moment alone.

“Humph…I am not an idiot. I can fix a scrap camera…so rude, Seela is. So I cannot make a hyperdrive! They can do as they like. It is hard to get a proper conversation. I understand they all hate Duskhaven, but making it a first assumption each time is not a proper way to figure things out. Regardless, the only time I felt competent was when I was working alone to get information from that looter. Our Trandoshan friend was very helpful also. He understood my plan just from watching for a few seconds…”

She tosses her bag on the ground where she goes to cross her legs and sit quietly. Sandra spends some time calming herself from the long day. She takes a moment to look through the names of the lost soldiers. All dead for no real reason.

Her hand grips the edge of the chair in discontent. Shade had killed all those people. She read their names aloud as if it would bring them back, but to no success.

“I saw Artemis for the first time today. A Shadow of the Order, it seems. It was very intimidating. I personally do not have hate for Lanari like Tara does, but I hope she is punished so the others may feel that justice was done at least. And for Verrac could gain some peace.”

She looks on Verrac’s lightsaber and frowns.

“Verrac will not take me as a student. Tara is far more like his former Padawan. They are more likely to match maybe. I am just…a redhead who washed out because her master died. Hohenfel is like a bundle of fun and joy…certainly my contrast. He finger gunned at Mandalorians as he passed by. How…exotic? I can see he is rather genius like…the way he looks around and studies.”

Sandra blows some hair aside and runs her hands over her face as she lets a long sigh out.

“I did not feel a part of a team at all, really…despite having worked together so randomly. I do not know what to feel. I am so conflicted and confused. Even Shade and her group seems to have a cohesion of sorts. Such a long day…”

She looks at the war touched lightsaber and lets a gleam from the streetlight pass it’s reflective surface. Her hand shakes a moment and her hair falls over her face and the saber…so she sits and stays.