Sandra Mana: Normalcy

Sandra returns to her ship after a long day. She goes to look at the mess on her desk with all sorts of slicing materials and electronics. The food competition was rather interesting and quicker to set up than she imagined. They did not know the deal she made with the Master Chef Yu though for the condition of using the kitchen. She would have to spend the rest of the day there cleaning dishes and cleaning tables. She did not tell the others so that they can just go off and savor their day

While this was what was expected, she did not expect Kho to stay and help though.

Kho and I spoke for some time and cleaned up through the dinner rush after the contest. We spoke of the force and various ideals. I think…he will make a good Initiate. He was curious before, but now I think…he is truly finding intrigue in an aspect of the Jedi Order I did not think anyone would desire. He is respectable and such, I just need to make sure any greed notions are bypassed, but I think he can learn…”

She finally decides to clean up all the tech on her table and organizes them properly for quick access later. Lots of wires and electronics and open datapads are quickly placed in proper bags to be stored in her storage deck on the ship. This process takes about an hour or so…

Ristin and Taryn have been quite a pleasantry to be around. Their contrast is of quite an amusement and Ristin is quite polite. He reminds me of Coruscant when we speak. Perhaps the subtle flashbacks of home feel well at times. Then Taryn, he is rather hilarious. His company is fun and I enjoy his direct honesty…at least as honest as he wishes to be, heh. They work quite well together and execute plans in good timing.”

Sandra makes her way to her room on the ship. The door slides open and she sees various clothing, sheets and pillows moved about. Some drawers are open still from when she would wake and hastily get ready. Her hands begin to dig and move clothes around as to organize them for washing. Unmentionables and such in one pile, shirts in another and so on. She picks up one of Mart’s shirts and she sighs lightly, folding it up and setting it aside. It is stared at for a minute before she runs a hand through her hair and looks down. It is put away for now.

Meanwhile, the rest of the room is cleaned after another hour of organizing. No more mess. It is then she lays on the bed and groans softly

Althea is taking time to coach Damien with his hate and rage. I think it is a waste of time still, but if she does succeed then it would be quite a beneficial note to show to the order that she has managed her own past troubles to make a new future.”

“There are many others I have encountered. Many so unfamiliar to me. Many faces I had known are moved on. Jedi are taught to not keep attachments, but even I wonder what happened to them. Not out of friendship or intrigue, but perhaps it is in me to just need to ‘know’ everything that is happening around me. Then the Sith are up to their plans quietly. I was assaulted in Tatooine by a false Jedi working with the Sith. I think that Spy saved me, but when I tried to learn more…his base was raided. Maybe we have use for each other sooner than later. Who knows…”

Work in intelligence long enough and you hang on to comm numbers. No matter who your enemy is, there’s a chance you’ll need him tomorrow. Jedi and Mandolorians weren’t chummy during the war, but once the Sith marched on several planets, they got past some differences.