Sandra Mana: Political Backlash

The steam from the shower is thick as she steps out of the refresher. Some of the steam is pushed aside by a strong sigh and Sandra emerges with a pink towel around her. The oddities of the day was fairly stressful, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the universe. The redhead makes her way to her room on the ship, remains of the lightsaber-ed door on the floor that is stepped over, and she sits on the bed. Long black thigh-high socks are slipped on her legs followed by shorts and a simple white t-shirt.

“…It was one thing to watch Ristin and Taryn’s ship get remotely controlled, but I did not expect that someone would attempt this to my own ship so soon. I wrote The Purge for my ship if it were to be remotely or physically tampered with. A wipe to all systems. It took me five hours to set everything back up! What an annoyance. I will offer Ristin The Purge when I have some time. I did add more security measures to my ship’s entry now. Too many people can walk in and out…”

Sandra massages her thighs with a small ball. She gasps in some pain as her sore muscles screamed in rebellion to her attempt to soothe the soreness. The massage continued though…

“I found out so much today with some old fashioned research. So many disturbing elements and holes that are quite curious. I learned of a Jedi Knight who romanced a Princess he saved 25 years ago. She was disowned and vanished for likely having his child. The King died only a few years ago and now his grown Princes are at war with each other.”

“It seems Smith is trying to stop me from knowing about this matter and a Mandolorian armored fellow may be the son of that Jedi Knight and the Princess. The Mando man dislikes the two Princes, therefore he could not have been their ally because of how this was spoken. It seems this fellow has their life at stake also. I can see why he wanted to keep me quiet…”

Her hands reach up as she stretches like a cat. Her form extending as she slowly falls backwards onto the bed. A long sigh escapes her as she looks on the ceiling

“It was rather mysterious when the planet I was searching did not even exist. Who ever is having a hand in these cover ups has a crew. Who tries to cover up he existence of a whole planet? Even the deeper Jedi Archives was struck with a single file that had erased the existence of the mysterious former Jedi Knight. This is indeed madness. I asked the archivist to do some research for me while I rest for the day.”

Her hands cover her face as she ponders things a moment longer. Her mind wanders elsewhere for now

“Seems Mart may be working with Althea to help stem Damien’s rage. Mart said he was managing Damien for the evening. I believe in Althea, but not someone corrupted by Darkness so early in life. If she fails, I will make his death a quick one. It is one of my charged duties to stop Sith and the dark potentials. Anyways, it is unfortunate that Mart has chosen to practically babysit an adult on top of the stress he must manage.”

“Mart has not been eating properly, his weight is deplorable, muscle mass going up while he loses healthy nutritional weight. Muscle Collapse is imminent. He will fall down one of these days and only pain will wrap him as a doctor tries to fix such. Althea is trying to help him along with some others. I need not interfere with their plans and motivations.”

Sandra holds a pillow on her chest and hangs her legs off the side of the bed. There is a hint of sadness in her eyes as she sighs heavily. Fingers drum on the pillow making a soft sound in the quiet ship. Emerald eyes wander around the tiny room as they search for nothing in particular, but some more finger drumming are an expression of concern. Though she would never openly admit it, nor did she want to. Caring was something she did in silence, but they were her tools also. Her expendable tools. She was like a mechanic who adored her tools and wanted to take care of them, yet was able to get a new tool set if a better one presented itself.

Her eyes close and with another great sigh Sandra’s breathing slows to represent her now being in the night’s unconscious state.