Sandra Mana: Smith and Mando

Sandra looks through several Datapads, printouts, notes and articles scattered across her wall and table. Everything she has researched on Smith and the Mando always leads several steps behind them. Sandra adjusts her shorts with a hand as she sips coffee with the next. A sigh of frustration escapes her lips.

The video of a ship being shot down with a single shot is replayed from Mart’s video and then she tries to compare this to the vision angle she had in her mind. A weak triangulation at most, and a pointless gesture in the least. It seems like there is nothing that they can really do to figure out their final motives other than wanting the two princes dead. Well, maybe one now. There is also nothing that can really get in their was as even the blackest channels she has can be monitored.

A coffee cup is slammed into the table, cracking it slightly

“All my calculations point to there being nothing we can really do to circumvent the situation at hand. I am not a defeatist by nature, but it seems there is nothing we can do. Nothing at all. Smith is a Spy who I cannot seem to compete with. And that supposed Mando is someone no one seems able to do combat with as he has invaded several heavily guarded facilities. Then these supposed droids Smith works for or with are a lead that has not lead Mart anywhere, since I imagine he was looking into it. The princess is dead, Constantine is likely dead because of how that Mando reacted, and then anything I do is for what purpose? To empower them still? Are Smith and the Mando at odds? Gah! Nothing leads to any proper reasoning for why they are working together unless Smith is one of the Princes.”

She runs both hands through her hair and sighs heavily. A hand picks up a datapad to review some notes while another hand pulls her short shirt down. Nothing seems feasible in stopping their onslaught.

“Maybe once they have their revenge, they will just stop and hopefully get rid of the rifle. I have worked myself into a dozen corners. I cannot even find the coordinates to this ‘mystery planet’ and such. And then what? I do not think I can defeat this hellbent warrior fueled by vengeance. Killing one without the other dying shortly after would be an even greater issue because the only reason they do not harass anyone is because we are not capable of being in their way.”

Footsteps echo slightly as she paces the ship. Her feet stop over a part of mat that feels cold against her. It was refreshing in a way, but helped more to cool her anger more so than anything else.

“So, that is it…? Let them have their way and then let The Force take over from there then? Even my visions are just to taunt me right before a life was taken. Even if we did anything, we are ages behind them. It does not matter. I am considering to let this matter lay and move on to matters that I can actually handle. Perhaps someone will eventually be able to deal with them, but I am not one of these.”

The bridge of her nose is rubbed a little before she just sits on the ground and stares at the information she has, all means of informing her of what was, not what will be. Always behind, never meant to catch up except to benefit one or the other…she lost. She lost The Game to a superior opponent.

Sandra lays on her back now on the mat and looks up at the ceiling of the ship for almost an hour. Her legs cross as she lays and her eyes close. There she just meditates for some time…

Working covert ops, you learn to exploit weakness. You manipulate greed, fear, pride to make people do what you want. But when you’re dealing with true believers, those weaknesses aren’t there. All you can do is help or get out of the way.


Sandra returns in pain and injured as she just falls on the floor

“…Useless. Even with all I had, I could do nothing. Now Jedi are on his hit list. Then Smith sends me location of 3 Jedi and their planet. I…I do not…understand. I think there is nothing left to do. I may need to organize an assassination squad, but I may need to visit Coruscant directly to make sure the plan is not leaked. Otherwise, I do not know.”

She lays there on the ground, staring at the wall

“He gave me Red Eagle information in the least. Does he want me to stop that Mando? Are they just bragging now? Do they just want me to watch Jedi die? I do not know…I just do not know!”

Sandra lays in her defeated pile and just closes her eyes

“Assassination squad…that is all I have left. He needs to die now. I need to find a way to kill him. Any which way.”

She just sighs and lays so…