Sandra Mana: Swampy


Sandra returns home and sets her Datapad on the stone table. She sits in her soft wooden chair and flattens her skirt. Muck still on her.

A long sigh is given now as she goes to the refresher. She dresses down, turns on the water, and lets it run down her face and body. The hot water purifies her light skin as steam rises. She leans against the wall as the water races down and she ponders to herself

“So much has happened in just a few hours. I am glad my armoring side job is doing really well. I have gotten really good at it. Also with electronics and more. Artemis gave me a lot of excellent electronics a while back that really helped. She said she will allow me access to any means to what I need to be the best at whatever I desire. I feel like I need to use this service now. I may never be as combat talented as Althea or deeply Force inclined as Seela, but it will not be for lack of trying. I need to ask her to teach me how to fight Sith…REALLY fight. I will message her soon as she seems to be planetside.”

Sandra ducks her head under the water and her hair makes a curtain that cuts off most of the light around her

“Hohenfel hit us with a mission today. I think the mission went well according to plan. I stood in a leadership role for the most part and aside from some minor issues, I was satisfied. And…my own mission is going according to plan. It is almost beautiful how well orchestrated it is…hehehe…”

Sweet lips part the red curtain as she leans her head back and the hair falls down in its water weight. She slowly turns off the water and stands there…dripping…staring at the drops hit the floor as the water drains in a spiral.

“Mart was given a chance to teach some soldiers. That was quite pleasant to hear. He has a soft heart, so I gave some of my own advice for how to manage students and trainees.”

Althea seemed to have some sort of issue today. She did not fight much, yet when she did…she seemed unwell after some time. I do not many others noticed or cared, but she was surely unwell. Even more so when the odd abomination grew near. Hohenfel was even disabled somehow. I do not know…there was no time to over think.”

“I met a young lady, Yeule. She was quite capable for her stature, but I should not speak that way. I am not super tall or look strong, but I can rip through a Sith firing range fairly enough.”

“Aedan concerns me. He has these feelings and I am unsure how to respond because we are going to end up in the same profession one way or another. He may just end up being a Spy or full Sentinel while I go off with the Shadows. I need to show him that having his ‘cake’ and trying to eat it will kill him before it kills me. I have been considering a plan to see that he would never desire to seek romance ever again. Perhaps such a lesson will save his life in the future for when deep cover agents try to make him fall for them. But, I will think on it. There is much to consider in doing so if needed. It is sad really. If he were in any other profession in the Order or an average person, perhaps the possibility of being together would be…hmm…I am being foolish again. Goodness gracious…”

“Ah…the water sounds so nice, dripping on the ground. It has been fascinating to feel such a wide range of emotions now and understand, truly understand, how it is all making me see things with a new ideal. I can get frustrated and throw a chair without destroying everything around me. I can feel so happy and playful without drowning in the sheer joy. I still wonder if this is right sometimes, but I do not care. Is this how normal people feel in a way? To have such a wide range of emotions and live life as if this was something they everyday, except with no Force abilities? If so…it is beautiful in its own way.”

Sandra finally gets a towel and dries herself off before wandering to the mirror to comb her hair for 50 strokes before throwing on a long t-shirt and sitting in the center of her bedroom. She runs her hands up and down her thighs as she thinks on the last elements of the day before closing her eyes to meditate