Sandra Mana: Teamwork


The team of Tara, Seela and Litii fix the ship to the best of their capabilities. Though it does take a fair bit of time, there is a sensation of accomplishment that comes from turning scrap into something usable once again. Sandra feels deeply connected to the force through such activities beyond what she can really explain. She sits now on the rooftop of the apartment building once again as she contemplates.

“I have not enjoyed such a project in quite the while. I was…rather focused and excited to see the success of our teamwork. Even Verrac was surprised…! Feeling the ship lift again and soar was wondrous. Everything felt so right. It ran better than ever!”

Sandra takes a deep breath of the air.

“Master Hohenfel was a curious fellow. He is one filled with life and much energy. It even caught me off guard with how he really spoke with us. I felt younger for some reason, but um…he certainly presented an air of confidence. He must be quite the Jedi to meet in person. Almost fatherly in a way?”

A sigh of weight escapes her chest as she fiddles with her red hair.

“I could not ask him again…what he felt of the idea of him being a Master. When I tried to say something when he was leaving…all I could feel was an odd weightlessness. I could only stare as so many questions stirred in my mind. He looked back and no words could be expressed. But I was sure he could feel some of my…distress. I am still afraid? Ugh…why can I not comprehend this feeling of uncertainty!”

Sandra kicks an edge of the door that leans downstairs. She paces around for an hour as she thinks again on how they made the ship, their excitement, success, meeting the incoming Master, and then their time to fix the ship after Verrac left. Sandra twirls a finger with red hair as she watches the sun set and lets a sort of relieving sigh.

“…What awaits us all. What can I be? Who will I be…?”

Her hand lets the hair fall and she turns to walk away as the star leaves sight to let night make its entrance.