Seel'akluub, slaver runaway


“Me? I was taken when I was little, right from in front of my parents even…” her lekku twitch in opposite directions as if showing the separation.

At that moment something sparked and hissed and bolts of blue light flickered in the air zapping the twi’lek woman, “Ah!” she screamed from being startled.

“I thought you said you could make basic repairs… if you can’t earn your keep I’m dumping you at the next port” came the voice of a gruff old man.

“Dad be nice, and don’t interrupt!” came another, the voice of a younger woman.

“I can, I can! It is just a bit different from making weapons… the logic is there… I just need to take it slower.” she sighed as she sunk a bit as if feeling like she was caught in a lie.

“Making weapons?” The woman asked, leaning forward to watch the yellow-skinned twi’lek work on some wiring and components that had needed repair.

Her lekku slumped down as the twi’lek woman recalled the memory, " Yes…Most Twi’lek are taken and used as dancers…me? I had a knack for building things…so it is what my masters had me do… I built weapons, explosives…mostly."

The old gruff man grumped as he listened, flicking several switches and turning various knobs on the dashboard of the cockpit.

“I’m sorry” the younger woman responded and gave a sympathetic smile as more sparks exploded around the twi’lek girl who let out another startled scream.

“If you worked with weapons and explosives why are you so jumpy at a few sparks?” the old man asked as he turned in his chair to watch the twi’lek.

“Because it meant something was about to explode…I used to make things explode on purpose…just to spend more time building more stuff…but…that backfired on me eventually, but that wasn’t even a bad thing really,” she explained as she found some wiring and began to repair them with various supplies she had on hand.

“How so?” The younger girl asked curiously.

As she continued to work on the repairs she explained, “Oh…they took a bad bunch of weapons that failed them and they failed their mission…They came back and I was to be punished…but I accidentally pushed a man out the window without touching him and took my chances at escape by setting off some explosives.”

“And now you stow away on ships…offering to do shoddy repair work when caught.” the man grunts and gets up, pushing the twi’lek out of the way to finish up the repairs.

Her lekku twitched as if her pride was insulted, she folded her arms against her chest, “I said I was sorry…but I don’t want to go back.”

“I don’t blame you… If they knew you were a Jedi…” he finally responded.

“You called me that before, what is a Jedi?” the twi’lek asked.

“Well~!” Responded the young woman with a bright smile.

Seela Kluub or Seel’akluub is a young woman, having escaped from slavery rather recently. She has spent the last few months just taking ships as far away from the planet her former owners resided on. She is only about 5’6 in height, has yellow skin and two short lekku that drop down her shoulders to her chest. Her eyes are pale orange and the flesh on her face is a bit singed with scorch marks, and several scars can be seen on her arms, hands, and shoulder.

She is an inquisitive sort, given that she was never permitted to learn about the galaxy at large since all her owner wanted her to do was to make guns and other electronic devices or explosives. She would say that she has remained hopeful because of her ability to create and build and chooses to celebrate all life, and has a strong desire to not see other people enslaved like her and hate for other slavers.

She now seeks out the Jedi order in order to learn about the force that manifested within her so that she doesn’t accidentally hurt someone again and to hopefully learn their ways.


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