Slave for life...Iradtoki

Birthplace: Unknown
Species: Twi’lek
Age: 25
Skin color: Teal
Eye color: Sea blue
Height: 6ft.
Build: Very curved and slim, very easy on the eyes drawing men to stop and stare.
Scars: A mark on her neck in the symbol of a slave of the Hutt Cartel
Weapons: A Saber on her right hip with a small shield

I do not remember where I am from, all I know is the collar of the Hutt Cartel sits tight around my neck. I awoke in CZ 220 and within moments of being found, was claimed as a slave by my new Master Tarr Detta. Will the Hutt Cartel accept this? I am clearly marked as their property.

Who did I belong too? I know what my duties were, that wasn’t really hard to tell…eye candy for the merchants, distractions…Well, until the Hutt Cartel comes for me, I am stuck here and will remain with my new Master.

I have met more people, one by the name of Teh’Beli who has offered me a place in her crew, Zain who likes to flirt but is very sweet, Phyl who is a master craftsman…Teh’Beli made Master Tarr Detta surrender me to her. She wants to work on removing the collar though I admit I am a bit hesitant with that.

I need to learn more about where I came from and what I did with my life, how I wound up on CZ 220 and why I was sent there. Hopefully it will be helpful to my future.

Had a flashback earlier today…if that’s what they are called, I was in a large room, strong incense, loud music, dancing, I was in a very skimpy outfit, a large slugman was talking business while the man was more eyeing me over talking. I could tell he cheated the merchant, but all I could do was dance enticingly, drawing his attention to me…is that what I was?

I have been invited to consider joining the Jedi by Master Jedi Hohenfel, I was most honored and really wanna take him up on the offer. We were heading back to town when a woman named Lanari in red attacked Tara, she was dead. I managed to call for Master Hohenfel then keep her distracted long enough for help to arrive, though she also killed Sandra before dumping Tara and running for it. Apparently the house we were sitting behind is Lanaris house. I will need to speak to Zani…


I spent time talking to Tara in her apartment, she explained much of the Jedi information to me like the code, how the Force exists and works, and we did some meditation. She actually helped me remember some interesting information of my past. A trade deal with my Master Khalorvoh Zon and him wanting an ancient relic…a set of very old Jedi Master tomes. I doubt for himself.

I forgot to mention that Jedi Master Hohenfel destroyed my slave collar, it still left a mark from the electrical energy and such that marks me as part of the Cartels property, but it was amazing feeling it shatter into five pieces and be sent flying away.


I worry about Zain and how much he is caught up in, he needs to be careful. He was very nice though and bought me a training sabre. I spoke more with Tara, about my memories, how I am very sure my Master was buying the tomes for someone else. He was offering way too much in rare metals, ships, slaves and guns for it to be for himself, he intended to make a mass profit from it.

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Today has already been very busy, fighting Mandalorians, cannibals, huge cats, electrical lizards…its been a nightmare facing them, and yet I cannot help but be proud of my accomplishments, I am growing stronger with the force and have also started training with a saber that Zain gifted to me. Though something I cannot commit to writing makes me sad today and I hope it works out well. Getting a lot done though.

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Approved! See a DM for your reward.

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Got my own apartment today, started Fabrication training too and built myself every workspace available other then the Molecular Reassembly Terminal which I needed to get from Phylaverian. He is very sweet and didn’t even charge me for the Molecular Reassembly Terminal. I have all the chests I need set up and am really making it look like a home! I even set up a bed for Zain, I think he will like it.

Today has just gone from bad to worse to horrible…first bounty hunters showed up, two groups of them. They tried to kidnap me to bring back to the Hutt Cartel…which tells me outright how badly in danger I really am. Had I not had Seela set to emergency contacts, I can only imagine how that would have gone. How it almost did go anyways.

Then when she tried to sooth me by reciting the code, I started having massive flashbacks and memories, like hearing a blaster go off, seeing people being murdered, seeing the lust and hunger for my flesh as I danced. I could hear and feel it all as if I was there once more.

Now I learn that Lanari has taken a more direct interest in me, if she doesn’t get Tara in a week she will come after me again and all Althea can speak of is doom and gloom, like we can never win, we can just barely hope to float and suckle at the teat of evil while they lord over us in fear that if we do anything, we will only make things worse. That she will transcend death and continue to be a nightmare for us.

I have moved from my apartment, its no longer safe there and I am not supposed to be without a guide, but I wound up straying to the colony alone since I couldn’t handle more doom and gloom and needed some supplies. So I slipped out and came back to the colony to clear my bags and get supplies. I am not sure what’s next.

Do things ever get better? Sat through a huge meeting listening to two new Masters of the Jedi speak and everyone argue, I swear they spent more time fighting then actually planning. Lanari spoke through my Comm twice which was humiliating and first had Verrac thinking I was some kinda spy or something, then Keyan came and spoke trying to sooth me.

Hes been assigned to protect me for now, but still no answer on actually getting my own Master. I was mostly brushed off with the “I’m sure you will find a Master to teach you”. That’s three Jedi Masters now that seem to take no real interest in me as a student. Hopefully soon I will be accepted by a Master and begin training as a proper Jedi.

I am worried about Zain, that hes still working for Shade and that she is connected to Lanari and if she finds out about him knowing me, she might send him after me. I am still rather stressed though I try to take it in stride. I don’t wanna believe Zain would ever betray me. I can’t afford to. I trust him. Hopefully soon things will calm down again.


Tara will be proud, I have reached the goal she set for me in my training in support force use and surpassed it. I cannot wait to tell her. Oh and I can finally use a real Sabre. Even now I am headed to get the job in the colony to continue her instruction. Hopefully this all goes well and then maybe one of the Jedi Masters will notice me and take me as a student.

Today has been rather interesting, first a random encounter with Lanari, that wasn’t so good, I am glad I was able to get away from her. Though I fear that soon things might get much more dangerous.

I have been working on Engineering to better myself in being ready to actually craft a light saber. I admit I am still unsure of myself but I am hoping to make my first Light Saber very soon. Its a lot of work, already nearly a full day just devoted to getting where I am in it and I am still not sure I am ready for it.

Andro did something strange today that brought back terrifying memories…he kissed me…I could feel my entire body lock up then start shaking as the visions of men pawing at me, kissing me, the hunger and lust of them staring at me once again filled my mind. He immediately felt bad for making me so upset. I know he meant nothing by it, but I still couldn’t help but cry.

I have made some friends since my awakening on CZ 220, I have even seen my former Master Tarr since my freedom, I do not hate him for it, I still show him proper respect but I do not serve him any longer. I have gained a sister in The and while many people are quick to doubt and judge her, I have every faith in her that she can be better.

Tara seems to be struggling too with people being awful to her. I try to support her and see her through it all, reminding her she still has someone that cares about and supports her no matter what everyone thinks. It is sad to see how many are so busy infighting that they cant see the pain and devastation their words and actions cause in their wake. Hopefully I can offer her some comfort with my presence.

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My heart lies in shambles, hearing Walessa basically say I dressed like a whore and wanted men undressed around me broke me. I couldn’t help but cry at her words. I just wanted to look and feel pretty, for myself, not be considered some whore. I will stop dressing this way…never again wearing anything that isn’t 100% covering so no one will again think of me as one. I never asked people to think of me that way. I never wanted to be seen as such. So I will never wear anything like that again…ever. I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to look nice unless I wanted men to bed me. I guess I should be more ashamed of my physical appearance…

I have changed how I dress, everything is covered, nothing that could tease men or lead anyone to thinking I am some kind of whore, or seeking that kind of attention from them. Gone is trying to feel pretty, to feel something other then disconnection from my appearance. It appears I am a slave to my appearance no matter weather or not I wear a collar. Because I am female I MUST dress a specific way or I am viewed as someone looking to bed men. I will not permit them to think of me that way again.

Time is counting down till Lanari hunts me, and I am hardly sleeping from the worry. Fifteen hours is not a lot of time. It terrifies me that I know she is just waiting, and I think the wait is even worse. She wants to send a message to someone in kidnapping me and apparently two others. I am barely sleeping now as I wait and the nightmares when I try do not help either.

Between all my friends, they have convinced me to dress how I like and ignore Walessa. That she knows nothing about how anyone else should dress and she should not be shaming me for how I am comfortable. The dress is more modest perhaps, but for now at least I can dress…mostly how I want to.

Today has been beyond amazing, I have my own Master now named Nulaa Aldette. She is beyond amazing and I swear her presence has a calming effect like nothing I have ever seen. She has taken me as her student after Hohenfel advised her to me. She has a mechanical arm that helps her remember patience.

We spent hours down in the spider caves. Mostly at first learning about one another. As I told her about what happened when me and Seela tried to recite the code together after I had nearly been kidnapped, she also went through the code with me. I am fairly sure I only truly failed on one, and that was “There is no passion, there is serenity.” Though I know we will continue to push through.

I did struggle with some others, like “There is no chaos, there is harmony.” I struggled to drown out the noise around me, only when I focused on grounding myself with the purple gem did I find peace and the quiet needed to drown out everything else. I feel a very strong pull to the purple gem. I am not sure why, but I feel as if it calls to me.

Green also has called to me, though second to the Purple. I actually hope I can prove worthy one day to wield a purple light saber. Though I will of course trust in my Masters opinion when and if she thinks I am ready for such. I know my main weakness now and it is something my Master will help me overcome. “The fear of myself. Of the things I think I have done to others in my servitude” was her answer.

Tara thinks I would be a good Consular, and I think she is entirely accurate. Diplomacy and advisory is something I prefer over bloodshed though I know sometimes its required. I only hope I am suitable for such a role.

Master, I write this with the knowledge you read this and will receive this before you see me, something happened today and it brought up in me emotions I did not know were there, and were it not for Hriste, Zain and Andro, I am not sure what would have become of it.

I had gone to Mon Cala, out with Tara and Zain and spent many hours there training, I was happy to be training on something new. As Tara tired we all agreed to come back from training and with Seelas help, we returned only to find Walessa in my workshop…and my workshop was destroyed. She had moved everything, relabelled everything, changed everything to suit her design.

I couldn’t even speak, I was heartbroken, angry, scared and felt…invaded. The shop no longer felt safe. I stepped outside and admittedly when Andro came over to check on me, I broke down again. He worked to comfort me till Zain and Hriste showed up and guided me back inside determined to fix what Walessa had done and then Walessa had walked back in.

The others tried to gently confront Walessa about what she had done, that it was rude to just do it behind my back and she stated several others had given her permission to which I told her the building was mine. She argued it was Seelas and I told her that Seela gave it to me, thus it and everything in it, was mine. She started throwing insults, that I was a child, that whimpered and cried, that I was a drain on everyone else emotionally. That I was messy and disorganized. It was just like when she called me a whore, except I wasn’t accepting it this time.

I told her to drop my stuff, and get out. I felt anger burning inside, anger I kept trying to push down and away, but the more she insulted me the more I came to…hate…her. I told her to leave, she wasn’t welcomed in my shop or home ever again. I then contacted Seela, and appraised her of the situation and politely asked her to never again authorize anyone to have power in my home that I didn’t give them, though I didn’t blame her.

After she had left, I pleaded with Hriste to try and fix the workshop as best she could, as in my emotional state I couldn’t handle much more and went to meditate, though I found no peace, and no focus at all. In the end I just went back to the workshop to speak to Hriste and Tara arrived too. She said I was building the wrong foundation on the ideals of ownership and pride. She might be right, but I think Hriste is too, that a foundation needs to be there for me to learn from before trying to set a stronger one. I leave this to you Master and hope to hear from you very soon.

Master arrived quickly as I suspected she would after reading my journal. She was not impressed with my attachment to material objects but she wasn’t mad either. I think she partly understood why I have the issue. At least I hope so. We talked for a bit about how once again I was struggling with meditation. She sounded concerned about my inability to focus properly so she asked me to lead her back to my meditation point and begin to go back through the code.

I did fairly well with her presence within my mind for most of the code. Until we got to the line of “There is no chaos, there is harmony” then all hell broke loose. I was suddenly flooded with visions of things like a woman screaming in a hospital, soldiers dying in a battle field, a child falling from a tree and breaking their arm, a man mourning over a grave, all the emotions, all the pain flooded my mind like an unstoppable river. My Master had to pull me out of it, and barricade my mind to help prevent it from damaging me.

It was entirely terrifying and emotional, by the time I opened my eyes again I realized I was crying and shaking, and had to refocus to calm then finish the last line of the code, which was much more peaceful with the area barricaded off. Master says I am a powerful Empath and am picking up on many people all at once. In time and training, this power could be very useful and a great boon. First though I need to learn how, and slowly over time Master is going to lower more and more of the barricade. Hopefully it will never come that strong again.

Master, I write this seeking forgiveness but I felt action was needed over waiting, something I know you understand well, though I had thought this out for days. Lanaris hunt for Tara was not going to end peacefully and I feared the worst for her. So I made the decision to offer myself for her. Which was accepted. First though before I go into details, here are some reports of interest, partly leading into why she was seeking Tara as a message to the Jedi. All quotes are as stated by her.

Murder of Padawan Zhetta - I did kill her, but she was a multiple murderer and had turned to the dark side. She was officially bountied by Czerka to the amount of thirty thousand credits which I never claimed. I saved twelve lives that day, she and her assassins attacked the party at the Duskhaven compound.

I do not torture people as a rule, it has little to no value as a practice.

As for my experiments, I am a medical researcher of some great skill. Are there risks for my participants? Certainly. That is the nature of research. All the participants I spoke to were perfectly willing.

For my own personal research, I prefer to acquire Mandalorian, or looters or even the reptilians infesting the Coxxion. No one seems to mind violently murdering them for scraps of materials.

Tara accused me of murdering Zhetta in front of Master Hohenfel. Of course he ordered Artemis to take me into custody at that moment. I went of course. The Jedi have a reputation for neutrality. I had thought there might be a trial of some kind. I was so young. There was not to be a trial. No questions, no presentation of evidence, No. There were threats though, plenty of those. Threats of my death, the deaths of the people I love, threats of torture and torment. Fortunately I was lucky enough to escape.

Artemis threatened to take my connection to the force from me permanently. Apparently she did not know that my people have a procedure to do just that.

My first experience of the Republic military was their bombardment of the hospital in which I was working. Apparently there was a Mandalorian platoon gone to ground nearby, and so, rather then waste their men, they would simply wipe the block off the face of the planet. Two hundred and sixty-three patients, twenty five staff. Twenty seven children. Four of us survived.

I am not the head of Duskhaven, I am merely an employee.

The oath I made - I, Iradtoki of the Jedi order, do willingly surrender myself to Rathi in place of Tara, Padawan of the Jedi order, and accept any action she chooses to mete out to me. I swear this in sound mind and without duress.

She did a surgical procedure on the back of my neck, I am not sure what all she did but I cannot connect to the force at all. I would ask Master Hohenfel whom apparently already knows of doing this be informed that he might try and find a reverse to this. This is apparently a message to Artemis and the Force for refusing to give Lanari a fair trail after the accusation to let her speak her peace, and all the threats made against her during that time. She has sworn to leave Tara alone so long as Tara does not go after her.