Species: Bothan

Source: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Bothan/Legends


Average Height: 1.4 - 1.6 Meters
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown, Green
Average Lifespan: 85+ years on the high end
Homeworld: Bothawui
Language: Bothese (Spoken), Botha (Written), Wrendui (Body), Galactic Basic


Bothans were furry mammalian anthropoids, about 1.5 meters tall. Hailing from Bothawui and several colonies, Bothans differed in facial appearance and body structure with canine, feline, and equine features. They were known for being master politicians and spies, craving intrigue and subterfuge.

The Bothans were members of the Galactic Republic from at least 4000 BBY, but likely from a significantly earlier point. Through numerous conflicts, the Bothans remained officially neutral, although their famed Spynet always played each side and commercial interests sought profits.


Bothans were a short race of furry humanoids who on average stood between 1.5 meters to 1.6 meters in height. Bothans were covered in fur which shifted in response to their emotional state by way of gentle ripplings. It was this trait, named Wrendui, that betrayed them when members of their kind intended to be duplicitous in their dealings with others. They possessed tapered pointed ears, and both males and females were known to sport beards.

The Bothans were able to interbreed with the other species. Such hybrids somewhat resembled baseline humans with haunches, hooves, fur, pointed ears and a long tail.


Bothan culture was guided by the philosophy and principles set forth in the ancient text known as The Way. In this “Bothan Way”, the pursuit of power and influence was paramount. Thus, individual Bothans put their own political and economic success above all other concerns, and as a species, Bothans put their own advancement ahead of other intergalactic interests. The volume of backstabbing, subtle character assassination and political maneuvering in Bothan society was dizzying, and resulted in many species stereotyping Bothans as untrustworthy. In fact, most Bothans are habitually paranoid, believing that anyone who’s not working with them, is working against them.

In times of crisis, the focus of Bothan society shifted to a survivalist state known as “ar’krai”. When engaged in ar’krai, all fit Bothans volunteered to defend their species from impending annihilation.


Immediate Bothan families were organized into large clans, which were the most important social unit in Bothan society; family and clan loyalty were equally important as power accumulation. Clan association was denoted as the last component in a Bothan name.


The Bothan Council, a representative body of selective Bothan clans, was the primary governmental body of the Bothan people. At the head of the Council was the First Secretary, who led the council from their headquarters in Merchant’s Square in the capital of Drev’starn.

The Bothan Diplomatic Corps operated as a branch of the Bothan government, and held the responsibility of furthering Bothan ideals through diplomacy. Its agents met with the leaders of other worlds, forged treaties, and represented Bothawui, to ensure that Bothan ends were served in any alliance.