[Suggestion] Commando PRC

I had an idea for a PRC class for mundanes (or at least nonjedi/dark Jedi/Sith) to aspire towards… commando. It would require high armor and/or blasters level… and grants an additional stance (improved expertise maybe?) or one or two extra AB with a single weapon…


this is not in line with how the force specilizations work.
If we put it in line with the force equivilant it should cut you off from perks unless you select it well having other hings locked behind other perks.

I mean it would make sense to cut you off from force perks to give you mundane options. But the mundane options would need to be worth it.

I knew you guys would get kind of hung up on the wording of it.
I meant something for people who aren’t playing jedis or siths to still get to work towards. Just never mind.

And yeah, obviously would have been subject to modifications, retooling and all of that.

You have a good idea Zain, don’t let it go just cause people focus too much on specific wording, they are not the Devs, nor Zunath.

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Thanks, I would appreciate any suggestions of an alternate wording and what if any modifications might improve upon it though! :slightly_smiling_face:

My suggestion is bring it in line with other specializations in how you suggest to implement it.

really not his job to bring it in line, that will be determined by the Devs and Zunath to bring it in line for the Server as a whole with their plans for the server, a suggestion is just that, an open suggestion.

Would you guys really rather only force users ever got to have PRC classes? :smirk:

To be fair there are a lot of them though so there is the question about whether anybody would want to play one if it was an option. Also if it should be exclusive to PCs who don’t use any force abilities at all or if they could still do such as an adept but not a knight!

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Chill. Zain gave a good idea; and they are just expounding on it. These discussions are meant to help bring a more clear idea if they are used. I think this is a good idea in the long term.

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Sorry, trying not to get too testy. I think I see some of the points that could be problematic if it was overly general and there are some balance considerations that would have to be put into such a thing before eventually if it were to be implemented, of course.

There will be for sure, but we as players cannot do the balancing, because we don’t know the balance of the server, nor whats coming, thats up to the Devs and Zunath.

No, the issue is saying that “We should do this thing with some vague bonuses”. They were trying to make what it could do less vague. That is the reason for a group discussion. They are free to talk about balancing all they want, it is not on you to tell them otherwise.

We had talked about that a little while ago. Brought up the idea of a Republic Commando, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and junk like that. We’ve focused so much on Force users without thought to everyone else. But we aren’t looking to start on that until we’ve fully fleshed out Force specs. Badass idea though, and I think we’re heading in that direction.


Here I just threw this together off the cuff

Soldier Role Combat
The soldiers job should be combat focused things
Add perks for epic weapon spec/focus and lock them behind it.
Add Perk for armor skin in general to lock behind it
Possibly add in a small (3?) number of levels of weapon proficiency back for just this class
New Stances
Zweihander Guard, make a two handed weapon count as a shield for perks/xp
Riflemans Focus, give +.5 damage per dex mod (effectively +full dex for ranged weapons)

Technician Role Crafting!
Return Efficiency perks to existance, lock them behind Technician
Give later perks for slicing when impalemented
Higher levels of Recompiler prof locked

Scoundrel Role Utility/Some combat
Higher level grenade prof locked behind this one.
the more stealth focused perks when those are implamented.
Later levels of debuff focused perks?
New Stances
Einhander +ab/ac when using a one handed melee weapon and no off hand weapon or a shield
Pistolario +1 Attack per round -4 Ab with pistols, stacks with Rapid shot


Yeah stuff like that! Nod nod