[Suggestion] Cooldown ready message

As the title says, one thing I find difficult is when you have reductions or variables as to how soon your cooldowns will be available again it’s kinda a gamble if you have to use something on a short cooldown fast. Since you aren’t entirely sure if it’s available yet or no.

So if you could just get a combat log message saying: Throw Saber: Ready.
Or something along those lines, would be really helpful.

It’s not a bad idea, but I can see it quickly becoming more annoying than useful with high CD reduction.

Perhaps have it as a toggle?

That would work, yes.

That caps at 50% most abilities will still have a more then two minute CD at that point with very few exceptions.
However a toggle would not be bad because options are always good.

Yeah, I know (I’d love to get a 100% uptime on Force Speed :wink: even though that would be overpowered as hell ).
For Saber Throw and other abilities with a short CD it’s just annoying. Imagine getting that message every combat round while fighting…
A toggle via chat command would be the best option.