[Suggestion] Crafting Stats


I’m on the side that crafting shouldn’t grant INT. INT, on our server, is symbolic of one’s connection to the Dark Side, not of their actual intelligence in the craft. Therefore, it makes more sense to use DEX to represent fine motor skills and either CON for long projects or STR for heavy projects.

Suggested combinations:
Weaponsmith - DEX/STR
Armorsmith - DEX/CON
Engineering - DEX/CHA (due to sabercraft) or DEX/CON
Fabrication - DEX/STR
Medicine - CON/DEX or CON/WIS (CON primary for exposure to medical chemicals)
Cooking - DEX/CON
Harvesting - CON/STR (as is)
Scavenging - CON/DEX


Medicine… I can’t think of it as anything other than intelligence. Granted, Engineering has the same disconnect for me.

Though, I guess balance issues are more important to me, than rationalizing stat modifiers to skills. How do you think a change like this would impact considerations of game balance?


Int is being moved to be a stat specifically used in the alter tree for skills and resistance to those skills. You will need them elsewhere for it to work, same with wis for the same reason with the control tree and cha for the sense tree. Moving the stat gains also makes little sense in how few skills give those stats, leaving little options for those who use force skills.