Suggestion: Fix the day/night cycle in the Wildlands


Hello! I’m writing this suggestion because night in the wildlands is so bad that at first I thought I got bugged by someone casting a darkness spell. I cannot actually see features of the terrain I am walking on and there are 0 sources of light on gear in the game to mitigate this. It would be much better if we could simply reduce the total darkness of the wildlands at night, especially with its close proximity to a large settlement.


I have to agree with this guy. I had the same thought, myself, about both the wildlands and also Veles Colony. I’ve heard other people mention it, too, in the discord channels. I do enjoy verisimilitude but, respectfully, there is such a thing as going too far.

Perhaps we could consider imagining a bit more modern street lighting in Veles Colony and more moonlight streaming down in the wildlands?