Suggestion: Force Shields and Pure Mental Stat Damage ability...again

To start with the fun part: SHIELDS! We like shields they keep us safe, they have Samuel L Jackson leading them and we all like agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So why is there no force shield? Heavy and Light armor get shields and even if a force armor main picks up a shiled there’s suddenly xp going into the armor stat they likely don’t want it going into. See I tried to pick up shields on andro who like nate is force armor, nothing else but shield levels would benefit me greatly. A force shield would still inflict a CD penalty but not as harshly as light and heavy, I’m saying 5-10% maybe even 15%. I asked Zun and yes it’s possible, I’m suggesting Force shileds are all small shields…bucklers and what not, it will give force armor users a couple more build options especially for me because i’m insane and play STR forcies.

it’s doable, it’s a minor change as I’ve not seen anyone use small shields at all, it’ll be great!

NOW FOR THE UNFUN PART!!! I’m yet again suggesting, a pure mental stat alter starting ability, why? Because I want to play my consular but because her str is minimum…she can’t saber throw anything and this is meant to be a character built around usage of the force to ensure the safety of others. force throw for a rock or bit of debris or something tossed at an enemey, it’s easy and i’m not suddenly needing to be swole just to throw something for alter XP. just put one in, sure it’s like the old breach/lightning conundrum with them being the same with minor differences but this is legitimately seperating consulars from guardians and sentinels. I only ask for flat dmg, low cool down and is thus weak, not really meant for full on killing…telekinesis is perfect for this.

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Again throw uses int.
Your damage should be fine with an int focus.

Technicality not true, STR is required to be ABLE to throw. As for shields i am kind of opposed to them , but that is just a personal thing.

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Only for non sabers, electrofoils were for sale in the starter shop last time I checked, and can be thrown without the str need.

Sword and board might be kind of a cool thing for some Jedi guardians to do though… hehe.
Could have a slight penalty because an energy shield is tech and doesn’t add to their connection to the force, for flavor and mechanics possibly!

I can confirm that with 10 str I could throw electroblades.

It wouldn’t really fit from a lore perspective though, at least not in the way shields work at the moment. So, I’d say no to Force shields…

Another attack power with low damage would be nice though, although it’s probably not really needed.

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I would also like to note that it is an item that can also hold a lot more stats too. and if it had no sort of penalty, they it would be kind of broken. Therefore, I feel that small shield should be the lowest form of shielding.

For a force penalty, Small Shield\Shields can offer:

More Stat Buffs
More Feats
More Attribute Points
More AC (depending on what mats you use)

My thoughts, well I was at one time for this change, I no longer am after the balance change.
The reasons are, well firstly I see force armor as the ‘caster’ armor, shield do not play into this type of archetype generally speaking.
If you want some kind of a shield you should be using light armor, well using my new force using pc I have to say light armor works really well with force powers as long as you are not trying to constantly use them, or using high cost abilities.

Force shields would give at least 10% penalty, so i’m not saying make a broken ass shield, i legit cover that in the first post, because it’s a small shield you get minimal ac boosts but you can get some nice shield perks too.

Yes shield perks are very nice which is why I don’t feel the caster armor needs them, casters already ignore ac, and I don’t think they need a survivability boost ontop of already doing pretty outrageous damage especially later on.
A 10% increased casting time on breach or saber throw for instance would be a second maybe.
I still feel if you want a shield you should just use light armor.