Suggestion: Force Telekinesis

To address the issue of saber throw not really benefitting full consular builds I decided to suggest that consulars throw rocks with their minds at people, or debris or something. So I was thinking in the spirit of old rank 1 breach and lightning there is an ability that has no dot and just hurts on impact. I ask that you don’t argue this is just saber throw, as this is pure mental stats, nothing from the saber or strength mod is added.

my suggestions for damage by rank
Rank 1: 1d8
rank 2: 1d12
Rank 3: 2d10

have fun

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The problem with this is that if your going Consular…they don’t really throw rocks at people. Actually violence is the furthest thing from their minds. Also, Consular currently is one of the most powerful abilities there is. Right now I don’t believe Consular actually needs to be more powerful. Those actually studying to be a Consular should examine being one if that is their Jedi path.

Strictly speaking this is worse then Saber throw well having the same thematics.
At that point you would still do better to just use Saber Throw.
I would encourage you to read how saber throw works.

It would, however, feel more fitting as an entry-level Alter attack than saber throw.

It would be adding an ability that would be replaced rapidly.
Also saber throw does support this idea as long as you are weilding something not a saber.
It is just bugged at the moment.

That would depend on the way such a power was implemented. If done properly, it wouldn’t become redundant but could be used as requirement to unlock saber throw (which would then require a higher skill level of course).
It would definitely be more lore compliant than having saber throw available for newbie Force users…

Not that great damage + low fp cost will aid new players greatly. Not only is it a good leveling tool but it also could turn into something else at a higher level. Lore wise it’s not uncommon for Jedi to throw larger objects.

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actually the idea of more advanced powers needing requirements of lesser powers is a plus to me because you can take saber throw and telekinesis and get some sort of black dagger variation where you can essentially have 3 sabers out at once, one floating around you and two in each free hand.

To reiterate you can already throw “objects” by having a non saber equipped. It is just bugged at the moment and always fails.
There is no need for branching force powers or prerequisites that would just need even more checks in place.
If you want to rp learning to throw objects before sabers that is entirely possible once the bug is fixed.
I don’t see anything meaningful added from this new power, especially after all the dev time the force just got I do not think it needs more when there are other areas sorely lacking.

Throwing non-lightsabers hasn’t been bugged for me at all. Don’t have the strength for larger weapons, but I can throw things like daggers and clubs just fine.

Weird I have not been able to throw daggers with a mod of like ten. I will have to try it again.

You mean like the spell magic pebble, perhaps?

So I recently started my consular and i’m going to argue this again. We need a basic consular ability, my character cannot use throw saber as I have absolutely no intention of investing into strength at all, sure i might get a few points into str to basic saber throw but at this time i can’t level alter at all unless i’m bullying mynocks and even then the amount of xp i get is depressing, I can level control just fine but alter isn’t going to budge much when I’m trying to train it up.

saber throw is fine, i’m not against it infact i like it on a character like andro who can use it effectivvely. my consular however has 10 str, no intention of boosting it and all of a sudden i have no combat effectiveness unless i’m shooting people or healing them.

RP XP may be the way to go in the beginning for some things.

Throw uses STR, INT, and Saber weapon damage bonus equally.

There is no alternatives in the tree. Its saber throw or nothing to damage things

What about force push?

Force Push doesn’t deal damage anymore and it’s difficult to raise because the only creatures affected by rank 1 are the mynocks.

Ah ok! Never mind then!