Suggestion: Make Starships have workshop available


Since some use this as there player home, could be useful.


I quite like that idea. If there are balance concerns about it, or something of that ilk, one could limit it to a certain number of crafting stations, so you could only have 1 or 2 crafting benches, as compared to building an entire workshop in a house or apartment.

Every time I’m hanging out in the Lizard’s cargo bay, I keeping thinking how excellent it would be to have a workbench in there, like the one on the Ebon Hawk. :+1:


Yes please! It would give passengers who aren’t the pilot or gunner something to do and possibly add role play value if folks wanted to RP other crew duties like ship engineer, for example!


I see no issue with this sonce starships are a huge investment requiring a large number of players woth a variety of skills to make on the first place and require maintenance and resources to keep. Better than just owning a bunch of apartments.