Suggestion: Stabalize the Dying

Alright some may not entirely like this, but this is designed as a Force ability of raise dead. In the Star Wars universe, if you die you generally die forever.

Specialty Required: Consular
Gating: YES (highest tier gating)
DM Granted Ability

Explanation for such:

Consulars are considered the true pacifists of the Jedi, working on keeping peace and ensuring others live in peace and harmony, often focusing solely on healing and diplomacy. Since when we die in server we are actually “Med Evac’d” to stabilize or have to have specific items, I would like to suggest a end game “stabilizing” ability that would basically return the player to 1 hp via force healing. This is technically not raising the dead so much as stabilizing the characters health so they don’t actually die.

Limits: Costs 90FP to use, Cool down 60 mins, cannot be used in combat.


I approve of this. I think it would be awesome, tbh.

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any other opinions or suggestions for this?

There could be a battle res version that has a very long cooldown and is an upgrade of this, but costs significant FP. So the option is there but it comes at a cost to yourself if you do.

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I am totally game for that, would be totally awesome!

Probably would go without saying, but it wouldn’t work on yourself if you pass out, only another.

Definitely, there should never be a self raise option, that’s just too abuseable.

Might be useful for dramatic RP too. Being brought back from the dead (or at least a near death) is powerful stuff for scenery chewing.

Cant be brought back from the Dead, this is generally to my understanding not a Force Power, my suggestion is a last minute stabilization. Though yes it would be very dramatic rp.

I mean you would be going into technicalities here, the closest would be to stabilise one from dying but you could view that as reviving someone freshly from the dead, like performing cpr on someone who’s heart has stopped. The conditions would have to be specific. That said that would also be represented by what irad has already proposed.

To bring back the dead truely is possible, but it is not a Jedi power, and it is not without cost.

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And far more significantly beyond what people will ever be capable of. Haha! It’s an extremely rare thing, even in Star Wars, and yeah. Cost. Usually losing any and all sense of self or otherwise.

Yes… beyond what players have done… totally… yes…

Blame Naia

Kind of like a force bond?

bumping this up <3, this isnt added to the future list yet so I know it can slip through the cracks.

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