Training Foil Staff IV (Yellow) crafting bug

I’d like to report the bug of it not applying properties correctly and also ask for a reimbursement for a hefty investment of Gemstones and crystals.

As shown, it has applied none of the durability or the gemstones.

Ab not applying is a known bug that is currently being worked on.

also, saberstaffs dont work with lightsaber finesse

I forget if staff has its own finesse, but I get my staff accuracy from my dex.

Saberstaves have their own mastery to remove the “dual wielding” penalty, but finesse does indeed work with them. Also quite off-topic.

where’s the finesse that works for them? I got the one listed under “Lightsabers & Saberstaffs” and it is not working

You need to look at the combat log to see if it works, it won’t register in the character sheet immediately.

I AM looking in the combat log.

Not sure what to tell you, I have been finessing my training foil saberstaff since like a week ago. If it’s not working for the proper Saberstaves, then that has to be fixed.

nope. Its a saberstaff-foil


My BAB is 6 and the foilstaff is +4.

To explain:
+6 BAB
+4 EB
+15 Dex (finesse)
+1 Focus AB
-2 light-offhand dual wielding, as dual-weapons count as…
= 24 first attack, 19 second, checks out.

Do you have Martial Arts Finesse? Because apparently it causes saber finesse to bug for staves. Removing it solves the issue.

Edit: You also need Saberstaff Mastery Tier 3 to remove the -10/-8

yes, I do have martial arts finesse…

Then that’s the culprit.

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