Training Foil wrong damage

I’ll throw up a screenshot when able but I’ve had this happen a lot of times now.

My “Training foil I” should net me:
1d8 base damage
1d4 energy damage
1 str damage due to 12 str
2 damage due to focus tier 2
Total: 5 - 15 damage.

Instead, I have been doing 3 damage against various mobs so it does not appear to be a matter of damage reduction. I have bug reported it already but I feel it should be elevated because this has been an issue since starting to use the training foils and it’s making it harder to actually level them. Especially when fighting mobs with 130 HP, those 2 points that I never get sure rack up after the 25 strikes I have to do.

So when the server back up, my instinct says check what version of weapon focus/weapon spec it is giving you in your feat list, if I had to guess it is probably a matter of giving you the wrong feat.
Especially with it being exactly 2 damage missing

Good plan, will do exactly that!

It’s possible this is caused by the fact the training foils are technically longswords if I’m not mistaken.


Sure is the right one, and considering the Focus, Improved Critical and Finesse is working for the training foil. Why isn’t the extra damage working then?

Might be the 1d4 energy damage that is not getting applied?
That is a custom damage type.

It sure is something not getting applied, which begs the question if it is applied for saber throw at that. Either way, I do think it needs to be looked at.

Please provide multiple combat log screenshots if possible.
Make sure to include as much of them as possible.

Will do whenever I strike that damage!

I swear, just because I finally made a report it seems to be fine. Have done 5 damage a lot of times but never fallen below and have done 15 damage many times as well. Which is within the 5-15 calculated range.

When you were doing 3 damage had you already had the foils equiped when you logged in? Some scripts don’t function properly without unequiping or equiping an item first. I’m not sure what causes this myself but what could have been happening is that the script hadn’t been loaded due to not equiping or unequiping and thus you weren’t using your proper damage.

Ah, yes! That might very well be what happened.

Ahh seems we may have solved the case. Just remember to equip or unequipe something after you log in then and you should be fine in the future.

I’ll add a ticket to do a recalc of your stats at the very end of the login process. I feel like it should already do that but maybe not.

I believe you have but might be worth looking into again anyways. A month or two after launch you did something at login that fixed sheets mostly, however not everything was fixed. The issues that were fixed then were issues that didn’t have easy solutions like unequiping and re-equiping.

Can you elaborate on that a bit? What issues aren’t fixed? I know the char sheet has issues but I honestly think that’s an NWN issue that I have limited control over. I can tell it to refresh, but whether it does that or not is outside of my control.

Certain stats arn’t being applied properly, for example AC isn’t calulated properly off your items or stats, not even your DEX is applied correctly to your AC. Your AB and BAB is funny too, your bab isn’t caluclated so if you were ment to have say 3 attacks a round it will only say you have 1. Also weapon feats don’t seem to be applied. They are however as I said is all fixed when you either take off an item or put on an item.

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Ok yea then if we do a recalc at the very end of the process all of that should clear itself up. I’ll take a look at it - won’t be this update today, but probably the next one.