Viscara, the Diamond in the Rough




Mid Rim






Olari Prime

Distance to Sun

184 million km




Trade routes

Nigut (The Nightroad)

Rotation period

24 standard hours

Orbital period

322 [standard cycles]

Physical information


13,405 [kilometers]


[Type 1] Breathable


Temperate, Severely Inclement

Primary terrain


Points of interest

Veles Colony
Republic Communications Outpost
Czerka Tower
Kyber Crystal Caves

Societal information

Fallen Civilization, Unknown Origin

Native species

Vellen Tribals, known for cannibalism and undeveloped culture, subintellectual

Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic


Neutral, Direct Democracy
Republic Embassy Established
Heavy Czerka Presence
Light Empire Presence

Ruling Council

Ilyn Vendrai, Czerka Director
Crystal Thorne, People’s Party
Tyche Vanicus, Republic Military


21,000 Citizens
1400 Czerka Employees
400 Independent Contractors

Major cities





Hutt Cartel

Jedi Order

Sith Empire


Classified by Jedi Order as a ‘Force Nexus’, highly coveted by force users. Known to bring the force out of even the least sensitive individuals, drawing Jedi and Sith aspirants from across the galaxy.


Eons ago, an unknown Empire built strange and cryptic temples deep below the windy and harsh surface of Viscara. As the planet had very little habitable land outside of the endless and impossible to navigate swampland, for most of Republic history it had been regarded simply as a planet without value nor interesting qualities, as it was in direct opposite rotation to the prominent and well known planet “Mytaranor”. After this strange and unknown empire fell, only ruins and decay remained, little bits left scattered across the vast landscape. For thousands of years it remained unknown, untouched, undamaged.

In the year 3969, while Czerka was still gaining its footing in the area, a tradesman by the name of Tzhaar’vok crash landed on a remote section of the planet. He contacted his superiors with Czerka but was told it would be days before his rescue. He bunkered down, venturing out of the swamps into something strange. It was a quiet forest, a serene plain, a beautiful mountain range. It was ideal. It was beautiful. It was like finding a Diamond in the Rough. He survived off the land, the wildlife dangerous but livable. It was because of this miracle, that he was able to tell Czerka that the land on Viscara along their most prominent trade route, was actually worth something. Czerka did something bold, that it had never done before and never would again; it purchased the planet and its rights from the Republic. They established a colony and used it to transport and refine metals from the asteroid ring that Viscara trailed alongside. Weeks later, news of the “Diamond in the Rough” spread to every corner of the Republic.

For almost a decade, Czerka continued to ravage Viscara, mining deep and cutting down swathes of forest. They were making a killing, so they felt they could do more with this diamond that the Republic had so foolishly given up. They passed a law on their new planet that allowed Refugees, Colonists, and members of any race or affiliation to walk their streets.

A year later, Czerka was convicted of vile crimes against those refugees, and the planet they had purchased. The Republic forcefully acquired it when a known Hutt Cartel representative had taken over the city of Veles. When the dust had settled, the survivors reached a consensus with the Republic. In the favor of finding peace and being fair to the many inhabitants of this beautiful planet they had found, the Republic chose to form a ruling council in the city of Veles, using the Czerka Tower as a political hub for the members of the council to meet and delegate on matters of the city.

Though Veles and its Council have chosen not to join in this war, it is on the frontier of many desperate factions including the Hutt Cartel, Czerka, the Republic, the Jedi and the Sith Empire. As a result, great turmoil plagues this ever growing hub, and with its place on the most prominent slave trade route in the galaxy, it is perhaps one of the most tumultuous planets in the mid-rim.