Who to send your Reports to regarding Players, DMs, Events or otherwise

Hi guys. So we are seeing a few concerns coming up where players are contacting the wrong people to file reports about other players, DMs, requesting events, or other things, so here today I am gonna try and break down whom you would send reports to, how they will be handled, and what you might expect.

  1. Reporting a player.

Reporting a player for anything that breaks server rules, has caused you reason for serious concern, or is doing something that seriously damages the ability to play should be reported to the DM team by sending us a PM here on the forums with screenshots. Please send the report with screenshots and/or other pertinent information about the rules broken.

  1. Issues with a DM (Not the Head DM)

In this situation the person you wish to address issues to regarding the general DM team is the Head DM, which is presently DM Miskol. He would address the member with both sides of the story and try to find a suitable solution if one can be made.

  1. Issues with the Head DM or Head Dev

Please reach out to Zunath (Admin) to discuss any issues with any of the leaders of the respected fields. He will address this on a case by case basis.

  1. Reporting Events

If you feel that an event was improperly handled, speak to the one that ran the event first. See if something can be worked out between you and the ones running the event. If this is not possible, contact the Head DM. As before, if the issue is with the Head DM please contact the Admin (Zunath).

  1. Errors in placeables, scripts or other bugs

Please send in bug reports by typing /bug then your statement, if it is a serious bug, please contact Zunath after submitting the bug report and let him know so he can look for it immediately.

  1. Requesting Events

If you are seeking to have an event run for you, please send a PM to the DM team and give them up to two weeks to review it. They will get back to you on the practicality and if they would be willing, if for some reason you have not heard back in two weeks, please poke a DM to ensure its been reviewed and give a polite reminder.

We hope this helps you find who you need to make a report to and if you have questions please feel free to contact any member of the DM team if you’re not sure about something.