Win's War


War is the crucible that breaks all men, but there are those that cannot be broken. This is a war. A war that I will win! Win’s fur rippled as his eyes narrowed and his grip tightened. The battle had been long but he would be victorious. Sweat beaded along his sleek fur and though he knew this moments may be his last, he had one thought, I will die victorious and my enemies shall know that Win doesn’t even lose in death. Reaching deep within his vast reservoir of honor, integrity, and above all else courage Win summoned all his strength and with a mighty resolve he heaved the bottle of Corellian Whisky once more towards his mouth and in one devastating gulp finished the bottle.

The bar exploded around him in cheers and curses alike. Many a credit had been wagered on whether the small Bothan could finish five bottles of Corellian Whiskey. Win smiled and lit a well deserved cigarette as those happy with the victory came to celebrate with him. His pockets flush with credits he didn’t have a care in the world. Feeling the whiskey beginning to take hold he moved through the crowded Nar Shaddaa bar and made his way to a dark corner for dark deeds. With slightly less nimble fingers he reached into his well worn red jacket and brought out a snuff box leaned in taking a big snort of the Alderaanian snuff. The burning came quick but soon subsided as it took hold of him.

“Hey there handsome.”

Win looked up to see a lithe Devaroian dancer before him. Win had noticed her earlier as she worked the stage with incredible grace especially since she was missing an arm.

“Hey there ya self lady. What a talent you are. Win is your number one fan.”

The Devaroian smiled and slid closer to Win her leg brushing up against his. Her one arm held a flute of some sort of green drink.

“Well you are in luck Win.” She smiled and slid down bringing herself closer to him placing the drink in his hands at the same time. “Senel gonna take care of you tonight. Let’s have a drink and how about you show me where a champion rests his head.”

Win smiled broadly and tipped his drink back finishing it in one gulp.

“Senel baby Win is loaded with credits! We gonna party at the nicest hotel, screw this dump! Come on lets jet.”

With a pocket full of credits and with a one armed beauty Win made his way out of the bar without a care in the world. As the pair hit the streets of Nar Shaddaa Win knew that he was going to have one hell of a night. Before long the noisy streets began to grow quiet, distant, almost as if he was slowly being submerged under water. His feet began to feel like iron and he began to stumble more than usual.

“It’s ok funny little guy, don’t fight it.” Senel said as she began to lead Win into a dark alley. “It’s just not your night that’s all, maybe you’ll win some other night.”

Win’s last memory was Senel dragging him behind some dumpsters and taking all of his credits.

Win awoke with a jump his head pounding his mouth full of what seemed like sand. It took a moment for his vision to clear and when it did it became very apparent he was no longer on Nar Shaddaa. Before him was a giant fire pit with a bench and a strange mushroom tree. Win struggled to his feet and luckily still had some cigarettes. Lighting a cigarette he looked around the strange land.

“Well I don’t know where this is, but I hope they are ready for Win.” With a deep drag of his cigarette Win headed out in search for some hair of the Bantha.


War. War never changes. Approved, you butthead.